Whats TO Cold For Startup

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Jan 12, 2006
  1. Well, yesterday i went to turn on my computer.. and the Windows XP screen (with the colored loading bar) just kept spinning for over 2 minutes, i tried 4 times and finally on the 4th it restarted as if normal.. same thing happened today.. i am in a basement, half unfinished, so the temperature could be quite low, i dont know if i could give an accurate temp, my gpu core temp is 43Celsius..

    Thanks in advanced,
  2. DonNagual

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    A GPU temp of 43c is excellent.

    I live in Japan, and housing here does not have central heating. It is -2c outside right now, and about the same in my living room. My computer boots up just fine, so it can't be that your system is too cold.

    Have you made any changes to your system lately? Either in hardware or software?
  3. Peddant

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  4. Jasio-

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    Well, temperature could be lieing, cause its always 43, and as for hardware, i received it on the 18'th of December.. if its the hardware, ill cry, it was in the shop for 5 days because of other problems, and i dont wanna keep paying -.-
  5. iNoob

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    I don't think its the HD since you just got it. I find that some programs slow down the startup time A LOT. I've had the same experience as you before. Did you install anything like a Windows customization program? I find that those seem to drag the entire system down, especially on startup.

    By the way, what video card do you have? I wish my 6800GT would idle at <50C :(
  6. Jasio-

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    Well, no software added, the only things would be.. if anyone plays Diablo II, Blizzard entertainment game, a Hero Editor.. but its a 5mb install and ive had it before.

    As for your previous question, my card is Geforce NX6600 GT 128 meg card.., i have 1 80mm fan running, side panel.. but as i previously said, this computer stays in an unfinished basement, which, temperatures in the morning and night cause me to somewhat shiver.. the computer is also off for periods of time such as.. 16 hours..
  7. Per Hansson

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    Cool temps is only a good thing... You should watch the harddrive though, it should not be exposed to temps below freezing point...

    But you can run the rest of the computer at 0° Kelvin (absolute zero; −273.15 °C or −459.67 °F) without any problems... Well, not totally true because there is a so called "cold bug" in a few newer chips but you will not reach those problems untill about minus 30°C ;)
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