whats your pick for best server nics

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looking to replace my server nics
lately the intels are just fading away
anyone got any feedback
I don't need gigbit anymore not going that way,but if price is right ??



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looks like the 3com as I have one thats working longer than the intels
I don't know if its the board but the intel 100s will not team anymore
and the 2 1000mt's are loosing there settings
this is new xp install on a toshiba server dual 800mhz 1gb ram (a little old)
tried to reinstall on the dev board intel designer(2003) still no go
my choice's are the 3C996B-T and Secure Server NIC 168-bit 3DES 3CR990SVR97


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For business-Grade I find nothing beats the Intel ones. You know what your getting with an Intel one and there must be a reason why some of them are 3x more expensive!

The reason is plug-n-play compatibility on almost any PC, including Linux ... amongst other reasons!

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