When I boot up, Windows sits idle for 30 seconds, can't do anything

By dke
Feb 10, 2005
  1. Hi. This is a strange problem. Strange because I replaced almost everything, and the problem still followed. I had XP Pro, but I replaced it with a clean install of home. I replaced the mobo, processor, power supply and RAM. All brand new upgrades. Only things the same are my Radeon 9500 pro, my HD, a Maxtor 6L40J2 and optical drives. Now I have a Shuttle board with an nForce 2 ultra 400 chipset.

    Anyway, whenever I start the computer, I get to my desktop, but I can't open anything (programs, windows, internet), and have an exclamation point in front of my Symantec tray icon for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the HD LED starts to flicker with activity for five seconds, and then I have access. It does this after I install the mobo drivers. What could this be?

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    Symantec what? An antivirus application? Maybe it's trying to scan a location that doesn't exist anymore, or trying to update itself.
  3. dke

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    Its Symantec antivirus. I update it every week, so it couldn't be the problem. It's only being affected by the problem. I usually load my motherboard drivers, then my antivirus. The problem starts after I load the mobo drivers. Keep in mind, its not the motherboard because the problem followed me when I replaced it.

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