when i join a game in cs it says my cd key can't work on valve

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Mar 15, 2003
  1. PLZZ help me. My Counterstrike can't join any game in multiplayer mode. When ever i click on a game it always say "your cd key doesn't work on Valve. Can somebody tell me why this happen and how i can fix it??? Plz help me!!!
  2. Phantasm66

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    Well, I think the question on everyone's lips is do you actually own a legal, bought copy of the software??

    Did you buy this from a store and get a box and manual, or is it some pirate copy downloaded from the internet or given to you from a friend on some el-cheapo no label generic CD-R???
  3. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    If you actually bought the game from a store, go back to it, and tell them your problem...
    They should supply you with a new cd key...

    If not, contact valve directly, and ask for help...
    They'll probably require you to send them the original cd, and you'll get another one in the mail...
  4. Svoboda

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    Valve has been doing a lot of work lately on the WONID servers too. Have you tried more than once or twice to join?
  5. poertner_1274

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    Basically what that is saying is that you are trying to join a counterstrike server that already has someone in there using that same cd key. They only allow one on at a time, to prevent people from distributing the cd key and pirating the game.

    So if you have bought the game either take it back or contact valve, like Mr. G said.

    And if not, go out and buy the game already!!!
  6. m33m00

    m33m00 TS Rookie

    The WON network will only allow one person to use a certain CD KEY, if another person tries using the same CD KEY while the original user is still using it then it wont authenticate you, on any server.
    You could always go to a m8s house who has their own Half Life and look and write down their CD KEY without em knowing.
    If youve got a dodgy copy and tried using a CD KEY Generator then it wont work, they download the keygens and ban all the cd keys used by them.
  7. acidosmosis

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    m33m00, nice job telling the guy to steal someone else's cd key. that is no less of a worse crime than pirating and if I was his "m8" and knew he did it I would cut his balls off, boil them, cook them, let them soak in a glass of 200 year old eggnog and have the guy eat them with my pubic hair as a side item.

    And as far as a good way to go about this, contact valve if it is really your game and get a new copy, if it isn't than tough luck pal.

    I doubt the store is going to be able to provide you with a new key. Those keys come off the cd's inside the box and they can't just open a box and take the serial# and give it to you. If they did someone is going to be pissed cuz your using their serial#, or they are going to lose money cause they have to get rid of that copy or sell it at a lower price marked as "used serial#" or something lame such as that.
  8. Strakian

    Strakian TS Rookie Posts: 136

    I've seen that error before, There's two different errors:

    One is the one you described, and it comes from pirated CD-KEYS that Valve has banned from the WONID permanently, so forget it.

    The second one actually states that the CD-KEY is already in use.

    Go buy the game, I tried (yes I'm confessing) numerous CD-KEYS from the internet to try and play, because I had one version of HL and 3 computers. However, NONE of them ever worked, and the few I did were banned from half the servers beacuse "l33t h4x0r5" had cheated and hacked on those servers, making connecting to other servers beyond retarded. I thankfully caved and forked out the $40 bucks it cost to buy two copies and I was happy again.

    Pirating is for suxor. That is it. Learn my lesson and learn it well. :D

    In defense of M33M00, my bud and I usually play DOD at my house, so he willingly gave me his CD-key for use at my house because when he's up late playing it at his house, he's not over playing it at my house, so there's no problem. You could try that.
  9. Supra

    Supra TS Enthusiast Posts: 190

    Ive seen copies of half-life for $7 at my local K-mart. You dont want to buy a retail copy of CS because the map de_nuke just wont work and that is a fairly popular map. I bought the platimun edition of Half-life 2 years ago and it came with 2 cd-keys for $40.
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