When replacing HD do you need to re install windows

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Mar 17, 2006
  1. Ok, i bought a new computer because my old one didnt work AT ALL, i suspect there was something wrong with OS but o well i didnt bother with it. but now i can really use another computer in the house, If i replace the old hd with a brand new one (nothing on it at all), would i have to re-install windows on that computer?
    I mean properly replace it as in get rid of old one.
  2. agronick

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    Yea you would.
  3. o0 o 0 o o0

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    also, I dont get stuff about bios and having to update it etc.
  4. agronick

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    When you turn on your computer your bios will have a message saying oh look you have a new drive. Continue and you will get a message no operating system found. Open your cd drive, drop in the windows cd, and restart your computer. The windows installation will start.
  5. o0 o 0 o o0

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    aww but a windows disk cost like $100+ and i dont really want to spend that much
  6. agronick

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    Don't you have one that came with your computer?
    If you don't you could try ghosting it. You attach two drives and boot from the ghosting cd. It will make an exact copy of your old drive. Then just take the old drive out.
    If your old drive is dead you could take one from another computer. Like a friend's or something.

    Also, you will need ghosting software. There are some free ones and the most widely used one is Nortin ghost. Its around $30.
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    how do u attach two drive? also one of reason my old pc stopped working is because it said "error loading OS", i think it was virused,.

    EDIT: do u just mean attach both drives to comp? but old drive was virused...
  8. Mirob

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    You can copy you hard drive! You just need a cloneing program that works in DOS mode. I have one that came with a retail dirve, called Ontrack Disk Manager. I have used it alot. You may need to re-activate, but I never had to.
    This is it, http://www.ontrack.com/diskmanager/
    I sure there is more. You my even be able to download something like this from your drive's manufactures site.

    This is at the Wester Digital site,
    It will show how to install the drive and copy it.
  9. agronick

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    Then just reinstall the os on the first drive.
  10. mephisto_007

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    Hey I had a harddisk saying "Error Loading OS" is that meant my harddisk need to replace? sorry for using your thread...
  11. tdeg

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    If you get an error loading os message you may or may not need to replace your hardrive.

    If you get an error message when its boot to the effect of "hard disk problem" then you will probably need a new harddrive.

    If not, try re-installing Windows with the restore disk that should have come with your system. *WARNING* - This will probably erase any data you have on it (ie. pictures, music, movies, documents).
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