Where do i got to change a startup program?/

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Jan 9, 2006
  1. I remember that on 98 i could go somewhere to change what the computer runs when it starts up. Know id like to do that with XP. And i cant seem to find where it is. Id apprciate any help

  2. Peddant

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    Click start/run/type:msconfig/OK/startup tab then uncheck the things that don`t need to start with Windows ie most things.Leave Firewall,anti virus ,printer.BTW,google is excellent for this sort of question.
  3. kirock

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    and in a similar vein you can go run/services.msc and set to manual any undesired system hogs there. Tweakguides.com has an excellent dwnloadable doc which covers all the stuff you can turn off to maximize your PC performance.

  4. Vigilante

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    MSCONFIG is good if you want to "disable" some startups, but it, by no means, shows you EVERYTHING, nor does it let you permenently delete startups.

    For another good tool, check out autoruns from www.sysinternals.com. You'll see every conceivable startup in your PC, the good and the bad, for system and for user. But be careful what you remove, because it is permenent remove!
  5. Samstoned

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    doesn't services show you most of the rest sartup stuff other than the doc and setting folder where program short cuts are
  6. LNCPapa

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    There are 4 COMMON places that startup items exist:
    2 places in the registry -
    Services - which can be accessed via services.msc
    StartMenu\Programs\Startup (for each user)

    There are more places that items can be hidden - but those are usually for some sort of sneaky "bad"ware
  7. Vigilante

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    On top of LNCPapa, don't forget the other start menu, from "All Users". Even if you go into each user and check the start menu, startups can still be in this folder, which will apply to ALL users.

    the autoruns program lists in tab form, each startup location and the starts that are from there.

    Here is a bit longer of a list of where startups can go. Note that while some spyware and such, put themselves in common locations, it is much more common still, to find the malware in every OTHER location.
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