Which athlon 64 for me?

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Dec 13, 2005
  1. I'm planning on building a Gaming computer. I know what parts I want, except the processor. I am considering the 3500, 3800, and 4000. Which is the best? Is it worth paying 50 for the tiny upgrade from 3800 to 4000? And which core is better, clawhammer, or san diego? Thanks.
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    With it's price right now at $235, and it's overclockability, I think the 3700+ is an amazing deal. Probably the most value per dollar for socket 939 at the moment.


    Same core as the 4000 and FX but MUCH cheaper. Easily overclocks to the 4000+ level at stock cooling, and comes close (some have passed) the FX-57.
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    Well, I'm not into overclocking, and I would rather get the 3800 or the 4000. I really meant, which of these two is better for the money. Thanks for the replys.
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    I agree, if you are going to overclock you might as well buy the cheaper of the two - you'll be buying another alot sooner than you should.
    Yes, I would spend the extra 50 bucks, well worth it. I have a 4000 and it performs fantasticly. I Upgraded from the 3500 and I can see a considerable performance increase.
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    you also get twice the l2 cache (the second fastest memory in the computer right?) with the 4000.
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    I'm assuming from everybody's replies that the Athlon 64 4000 is the best for my needs. What about Clawhammer vs San Diego?
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