Which connector does SAS use?

I have a Lenovo D30 workstation I'm using as a NAS. I recently got a few 3TB SAS drives and I'm trying to figure out how to install them. I'm pretty sure the computer supports SAS drives, but I can only find SATA ports on the motherboard.

I also have a RocketRAID 2640X4 PCI-E to SAS Host Adapter, but it appears to have SATA ports on it as well.

Does SAS work over the same connector as SATA? I found a couple of cheap adapters on eBay that convert SAS to SATA data and molex power, but wanted to make sure I have the right hardware before I bought them.


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According to the datasheet it does look like the storage controller in that workstation is a SAS controller, so you'd be able to plug in those SAS hard drives directly into the motherboard with an appropriate cable. As you noticed the traditional SAS connector is one of those two-in-one connectors that combines both power and data into a single connector, but the difference being that there is no individual keying on the inside edges of the two ports, replaced with a solid key in most cases. Often times they are installed into a backplane that will supply power to all drives, and then break out the data connections in various ways (such as straight SATA data cables or some form of SFF-8087 breakout cable as an example).

That being said, those adapter/breakout cables you found should work fine whether you are using it on the RocketRaid Card or the motherboard, but it might be good to double check the motherboard/RAID card documentation on whether there are any settings required to enable it.

And a final note, if I remember correctly SATA drives are compatible with SAS controllers, but not the other way around. Just something to keep in mind if you move your drives somewhere else.


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If you don't want a ton of extra wiring/having to get sata to molex adapters, you could get an inline adapter like this (picture stolen shamelessly from amazon) and use the existing SATA power from the PSU and the sata cables you probably already have:
Thank you very much for the detailed reply! I'm very glad I posted on this forum. After seeing the SAS over SATA I got confused and made a post on another tech forum *cough* SE *cough* and let's just say they were very unwilling to help. Thanks for explaining this to me.
I just ordered one of those cables for my drive.


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When you go from SAS to SATA you also drop the available bandwidth to the SAS HDD which is 12Gbps down to SATA III 6Gbps speeds so basically hobbling the drive I'd be more inclined to get a proper SAS controller card that has mini SAS ports