Which laptop?

By Rizzo
Aug 25, 2005
  1. Hello!

    I am looking for a laptop and after 3 months of sifting through piles of info/opinions and weighing all the possibilities I've narrowed my choice down to 4 and am now stuck.

    The choices are (not in any particular order):

    1. HP Paviliion ze2242EA (AMD Turion 64 ML-28 at 4.6 GHz, 512 Mo and 80 Go)

    2. Dell Inspiron 6000 (Pentium M 730 1.60 Ghz 2Mo cache FSB 533MHz, 512 Mo, 60Go IDE with 7 200 rpm)

    3. Various Acer TravelMates (Pentium M 725 4.6Ghz and similar specs) OR various Acer Aspire (AMD Athlon 64 3700+ and similar specs)

    4. Acer Aspire 1692WLMi (Processeur : Intel Pentium M 740 à 1,7 GHz with Centrino, 1 Go RAM, harddrive : 80 Go)
    First three choices are the same price, but the 4th choice is about $125 more expensive (may be worth it because of the added memory/disk space).

    What I am most confused about is the processor. Which one of these computers has the best processor? I would prefer not changing computers for another 4 yrs.

    Battery life is also very important - needs to be as long as possible and I know that the processor is related to this.

    And reliability... I live in a country where "customer service" is really a joke (i.e. France).

    Weight would also be a deciding factor - all else being equal.

    Any ideas?
  2. RCman

    RCman TS Rookie Posts: 22

    I would check out Sager laptops. I just ordered one from PCTorque.com a few days ago with these specs:

    --Sager 4881-V Notebook: 4881-V $1694.00
    Display: 15" SXGA+ LCD (1400x1050)
    Processor: Pentium M ( 760 [533MHz]) 2.0 GHz
    RAM: 2048MB 533DDR2 (2x1024) (I ordered with 1x512mb stick, but I have two 1gb sticks sitting right here :p )
    Video: ATi MR X700 w/256MB
    Hard Drive: 80GB 5400RPM
    Media Drive: 8x DVD+- with DVD+R DL(Lightscribe Enabled )

    As for what you were looking at I looked at all of those as well and ended up with my above chioce :grinthumb . As for the "best" processor that depends on a lot of things, if I had to chose it would be either the Intel Pentium M 740 or the AMD Turion 64 ML-28 (which is 1.6Ghz not 4.6, BTW). If you want to have your laptop last for four years, I would also look at laptops with better video cards than those if you want to do more than type documents. Good Luck! :D
  3. ppsssooo

    ppsssooo TS Rookie Posts: 23

    kind of a weak thing to say but go to alienware config your rig they recently updated there stuff so uhh yea go there at least check it out if u wanna go with intel they have amd also
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