Which Next Generation System is bettah.???

By VoX_Zidane ยท 22 replies
Dec 15, 2002
  1. :D Im the proud owner of a gamecube. Which is ur favorite System of the 3 new ones??? and why? im fighting with a guy at skool, he says that X-box is better than the 3, and I say gamecube is the best. Im looking for both sides =) to aid me WOO. Thnx:grinthumb
  2. ---agissi---

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    OMG - You like gamecube...HOW!? PS2 is the best, we have Metal Gear Solid 2, Gran Turismo 3, GTA:3, GTA:VE, Jak and Daxter, Spyro, etc. You have Zelda(cheep lame version of MGS2) Mario (Pathetic mushroom man going around watering flowers(Sunshine and the rest of the crap;)) and uh what else? Terrible games, Super Monkey Ball? wtf? PS2 has tons more games, always has good games comming out, and has a game in any grene(typo) that is better than Nintendos best. You'll never find Socom: US Navy Seals on gamecube, or Mortal Combat Deadly Alliance. What about Tekken, or VF? Eh...comeon bud. Even XBox has a network adapter out(and YES so does PS2). PS1 sold more units than xbox and gamecube combined this year(2002). Thats just sad, PS1 is how many years old? PS2 has already dominated, GC is for little kiddies, who like simplified MGS2's, or like to go around with a water pack doing whatever(like I'd waist my time even looking at Mario Sunshine...jeeze). I can understand XBox, it has Live in full affect, it has Unreal Tournament Championship, Halo, and soon will have MGS2 Substance. You'll never find stuff that cool on Gamecube. Maybe Substance, but I got the same game over a yr ago(just without extra custumes and VR missions).
    ~Get Real...:grinthumb ~
  3. Vehementi

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    I like the XBox simply for it's superior hardware performance...
  4. conradguerrero

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    There's a reason why the PS/2 is on top of the console market.

    Fast launch, lots of games to choose from, plays DVD's, plays every one of the PS/1's hundreds of games.

    Microsoft is attempting to beat them down with newer hardware ... all the while losing a LOT of money. Maybe XBox/2 has a chance, if they launch before PS/3.

    Gamecube is for kids, doesn't play DVD's, has only retarded old rehashed games like Resident Evil Again and Here's Another Mario Sunshine.

    By the time Gamecube and XBox has a good share of the market, PS/3 will be launching a Super DVD Player and be backwards compatable with all of sony's games.

    Someone will even make a mod chip to play all of Nintendo's and Microsoft's stupid games.
    Then you can play Halo And A Half or Die Resident Evil Just Stop Making More Sequels And Die.

  5. Arris

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    LOL... I gave up after playing some of "Resident Evil : Veronica X".
    The old formula of "Get block A", "Run back to slot A 20 screens away" "Put block A in slot A", "Run back through the 20 screens again" is just a bit old and annoying. I played the new Resident Evil on the GameCube and it looks pretty sweet. Infact, thats the only good thing about it. Its still the same crippling control system as in all the previous games, still the same set camera angles where you can't see the zombie thats attacking you. I still remember arguing with someone about what console would be best and them saying "Sure, PS2 has DevilMayCry, GTA3, GT3 but GameCube will have Resident Evil". Well whoever that person was, they are welcome to Resident Evil.

    The GameCube has its place in the console world. I think Nintendo have positioned their product more at the younger gamer. The average PC gamer's is between 20 and 30 or something like that. PS2 is less aimed and a system that spans age groups with titles like GTA3, Britney's Dance Beat and Jak & Daxter you have something for everyone. Xbox seems to be aimed more at the PC game playing group of adults IMO.

    PS2 has won the battle of this generation of consoles, not through superior hardware but strategic marketing and planning, and most vitally good software supporting it (even though it took a while for the really good games to start appearing). As others have said PS3, Xbox2 and if Nintendo release another console (and I think I remember reading somewhere that they were not going to, but instead were going down the same path as Sega and focusing on software) should be an interesting and close battle...

    I'm still hoping Halo will make its appearance on PC.
  6. Didou

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    PS2 is on top thanks to a good machine & a good selection of games but the situation wasn't always so bright. When games first came out, it was hard to forget the on screen aliasing everywhere. Not to mnetion everyone complaining about games being too short or easy. They were having such a hard time gettting used to the hardware, they didn't have much time left for game content.

    IMO PS2 is also responsible for the demise of the Dreamcast.
    They started beating on gamers head with ads about the PS2 almost 2 years before the thing was even available. Then when it came out, by some big hasard, there was only a limited number of machines available & we all remember what effect that had. Heck it was on the news here in Belgium. It almost got to RIOT levels -> even more publicity. People held out on buying a Dreamcast even though it was having great games, thinking I'll wait up for a PS2.:dead:

    One thing I had to admire is the straight-out-the-box compatibility with PS1 games & peripherals.
  7. SNGX1275

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  8. ---agissi---

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    I highly doubt Microsoft will do another XBox. They've lost like $300 Million Dollars during their hole XBox era. Why get a GC when all it has to offer is RE? Devil May Cry2 is sweeet too. Sure PS2 has some really bad games like Britney's Dance Beat,etc, it has tons more great titles than any other console. XBox's hardware is pritty cool though...I must admit. Jeeze, gamecube people all ways have something to back them up. Weather its 1 game or "Well hey, we have cool little cds:p And you dont!:p"...:blackeye: <GC PPL.

  9. Didou

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    There's no doubt at all that MS is allready working on a XboX 2 ( specs have allready been announced a while ago ).

    MS wants to have devices in every household no matter the cost. They've lost millions in the games department ( remember that they've just bought Rare ), but their mainstream software division is reporting benefits in billions. Do you really think the XboX losses really means a lot to them ? ;)
  10. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    They're just taking more steps to take over the world ;)

    Next in line: Microsoft World Domination.NET 2003

    They're already using version 2002. That's why you see so little OS progress going on, MS could release Longhorn now if they weren't working all on MS WD.NET 2k3.

    Next they're going to start making televisions.


    And then they're going to start making cars!

    again? [/rant]


    OK I'll stop now...

  11. ---agissi---

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    It is very likely (Didou) what you hear are humors. Very likely....However also "Very Likely" they are at work on #2. And if they would do another for the next generation, they would be at work now...Im with you, Bill just wants more ways to get more money, even if it means losing some in the first lap.
  12. LNCPapa

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    Anyway! To make an attempt to stop all the bashing of different consoles by different people - I like all my consoles except:
    Atari Jaguar
    Atari Jaguar CD

    I love all my others and couldn't do without any of them, including GC, PS2, X-Box, etc. If I didn't own any of the ones I already do then I'd go buy them. If you can't afford them all then I suggest buying a system based on the games you want to play. If you like the Nintendo classics and their newest siblings then you'll only find that stuff in one place. If you have to have a ton of games now whether they be crap or not then the PS2 is a great place to start. I have around 200 PS2 games and really only play a few of them. If you like powerful hardware and are willing to wait for some really nice games to come out (Panzer Orta, PSO, Capcom vs SNK 2 EO, True Fantasy Live Online, etc.) then the X-Box is great. Also, if you have an HD capable television it's great for that as well. Personally my favorite is .... probably .... my .... Saturn, PC, and PS2 (okay I'm weak - I couldn't choose just one). It's mainly because of the games I like though. I love 2D and 3D fighters [I am the Tekken Masta, didn't you know?] and I like playing FPS and MMORPGs.

  13. ---agissi---

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    damn man/LNC, all 3? Thats hardcore, i mean I could afford it(or my parents could) but dont u think thats alot of money for consoles alone!? And they you buy all 3 all over again, in the next 4 yrs(theres a new generation every 4 yrs).:eek:
  14. LNCPapa

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    If they put another one out tomorrow I'd buy it. Keep in mind that the consoles are about to take another dip in price soon (or so it's said.) Maybe if the price does drop then all three won't be so bad?

  15. ---agissi---

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    yeah defently now it wouldnt be so bad, I just think ar $300 a pop, thats expensive!
  16. newumbrella

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    I don't think Xbox is a real game console. It's just a PC with a ugly case....see it's using a pentium III, but only a mobile celeron.
    All game console uses RISC but Xbox uses CISC processor, wut does that suggest?
  17. conradguerrero

    conradguerrero TS Rookie Posts: 310

    ... that the XBox is not as fast as it appears ... at least compared to PS2.
  18. newumbrella

    newumbrella TS Rookie

    If somebody could crack xbox so it could run normal version of windows then it's a good investment...
  19. ---agissi---

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    that WONT happen;) Be cool if it did though:p
  20. conradguerrero

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    Where did Didou's post go?

    he said something about modding the XBox to use Linux os on.
  21. ---agissi---

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    yeah, when you gota edit under your post, you can "delete" post. He must have done that...wonder why?
  22. SNGX1275

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    No- it must have been one of the few posts that didn't make it during the server transfer. See Julio's response about that in the Site Comments section, he said something in a reply about it, can't be bothered for the link right now though.
  23. ---agissi---

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    ty for the clarification SNGX
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