Which one -- ACER or Dell?

By DesChut3s
Nov 12, 2006
  1. Well...

    I'm really in a pickle here. I've recently come across $1k [USD] to go towards a new laptop. By new, I mean new -- no used or refurbished laptops. I've done some research, but I don't have much experience with performance differences in processors and RAM in laptops.

    So I've basically narrowed down my decision to two laptops, but I need to pick one. The first thing I did, was go to the Dell website to see if they have any good deals. Which, fortunately, they did. Here's the setup I came across at Dell:


    -- It's just a simple Inspiron notebook; but it has the Intel Core 2 Duo available. I'm not sure if I can get that AND 2GB of DDR2 on my budget.

    The second one I was considering is an ACER Aspire. I've heard nothing but good reviews about Acer, so I have a solid trust with them. This price seems great for this setup:


    -- Once again, I don't know what to expect with an AMD. They were the first to hit dual core, so my assumptions is they have a little more stability along with performance. It also has 2GB if DDR2 and a 120GB HD[4,200 RPM].

    -- So here's my question, is there a major performance difference with a 4200RPM drive or a 5400RPM? 4200 is quite a drop from 7,200, so I don't know.

    Both seem like great deals, but I truly have no idea what to choose. With the ACER, I get the pleasure of buying from a trusted retailer as well as free shipping and a Newegg.com backpack. The Dell offers me high-class support and more then enough 'options' to choose from.

    So if anyone has any ideas to add which may break the balance between the two, please help me out.


    P.S. If anyone's interested, I'm going to be using this for a lot of HDR video editing. So I have to have the large amount of RAM.
  2. wolfram

    wolfram TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,967   +9

    Well, I'd choose the Intel Core 2 laptop. It is surely faster than the Turion X2, so that might be the best choice :)
  3. DesChut3s

    DesChut3s Topic Starter

    Why is the Intel Core 2 Duo faster than the X2?
  4. Roamex

    Roamex TS Rookie

    Thats just because the new Intel core 2 due are running really fast right now and don't get that hot. I am an AMD fan big time but those intel are looking pretty tempting right now.

    Just look at some benhmarks for the processors and you will see a bit of difference. just can't wait for AMD to get back in the game errrrrrrr.
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