which one is better: nvidia geforce 7600gt or 8500gt?

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May 18, 2007
  1. hallo friends,i've a nvidia geforce 6200 video card and i'm planning to upgrade as i can't play games like oblivion,ghost reckon advanced warfighter etc.I decided to buy nvidia geforce 7600gt initially but now nvidia geforce 8500gt is available at a lower price.can anyone tell me which one should be baught right now considering both upcoming directx10 games and heavy resource demanding games like oblivion,gothic3 and ghostreckonAW?
  2. SNGX1275

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    It appears to me from some googling (but lack of straight up benchmarks) the 7600GT will give you better framerates in today's games. The decoding capabilities of h264 on the 8500 will blow away the 7600gt but that is of little importance to most people outside of the HTPC scene.

    You probably really don't need DX10 right now anyway.
  3. _FAKE_

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    Mate, when i made the upgrade from my 6200 to 7600GT I was more than impressed by the results. Although i had the more powerful version of the 6200 and was able to play oblivion with it at the lowest resolution and quality, i still managed framerates of around 25-30 outside and 30-40 inside. Now with my 7600GT i can play oblivion at high resolutions at medium quality and achieve even better results. I also played GRAW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter) that game automatically adjust settings to suit your graphics card, which in my case was medium textures and everything else was maximum except AA, and it played beatifully. never played gothic 3 so couldn't tell you. I got the graphics card mainly so I could play and finish HL2 episode 1, everytime i tried with my 6200 i got the BSOD before the loading menu came up. Now i can play that game at highest resolution and maximum details.

    Between the 7600GT and 8500GT, don't get the 8500GT, the 7600GT is as powerful as a 8600GT. the G86 (8500GT, 8600GT/GTS) are overpriced for the performance they give you.

    7600GT FTW :), or maybe if you spend an extra $50-$100 you can get a 7900GS/GT which will provide double theperformance of the 7600GT.
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    You have any idea what difference the 6200 and the 7600GT is? Its almost like comparing a compact car and a sports car.

    Or comparing the Celerons to a Core2Duo.

    But you're right, the 7600GT is a better buy. I don't think that would change for awhile.
  5. nickslick74

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    7600GT hands down for the reasons the others stated, just make sure your power supply is up to the task.
  6. nissanman

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    I agree. The 7600GT would be a better buy.
  7. Grafficks

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    The GeForce 7600GT beats both the GeForce 6200 and GeForce 8500GT.

    The GeForce 7600GT is indeed the winner given your choices.

    However, if you really want DX10, then you can get the GeForce 8600GT.

    The 8600GT has DX10 support, and it outperforms the 7600GT by just 10%-15%.

    It is slightly more expensive than the 7600GT though.
  8. wolfram

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  9. runaway

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    i have just got a new computer made and im running 2 x 7600 gt cards omg it is good but im still tweeking with it
  10. beef_jerky4104

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    I would vote for the 7600GT (The eVGA version that is).

    I would also state that the eVGA e-GeForce 7900 GS KO is only $130 after rebate, so that would be a good alternative.
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