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Sep 23, 2005
  1. I have this in another section but no one seems to reply to it. So I think maybe it will do better here. :)

    Okay I want to know which PSU would be better to go with..... these are the two that Iam considering, this is for a friends comp. its going in a SLi rig.

    Sky Hawk/Eagle Tech ATX-GM620SC 620W Power Supply

    Xion PowerReal XON-600F14T-201 ATX12V V.2.01 600W Power Supply

    If none of these are that recomended please could you specify a good PSU that will be able to power these system specs:

    Mobo: ASUS A8n-SLi Deluex
    CPU: AMD X2 4400+ Toldeo
    RAM: 2GB (1GBx2) Corsair XMS DDR400 PC3200
    HDD: WD 250GB SATAII 3.0gb/s
    Video Card: XFX GeForce 7800GTX OC to 490mhz, eventually will be 2.
    DVD: NEC DVD-RW 16x
    ...then some fans and a floppy.

    Thanks Guys :wave:
  2. vnf4ultra

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    You can check this thread for some info.

    I'd recommend this psu more.
    Here are some other decent ones.

    I looked on the psu calculator, and got that you need about 445watts, that's with a 4400+x2, 4ddr dimms, 2hds, 1dvd-rw, and 2 7800gtx gpus, and other misc stuff. That'd be the max power you'd use, so a 500W psu of decent quality would be fine.
  3. HIM_Valo

    HIM_Valo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thxs Bro. :giddy:
  4. pkroks

    pkroks TS Rookie Posts: 259

    i went with the PC Power and Cooling 510 Express. it has a maximum output of 650W and it is SLI ready and all that. its cool. i would recomend it for anyone.
  5. C_Conqueror

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    Of the two that you posted I don't think that you should have a problem with either, but the skyhawk looks cooler :cool:

    I also hear that antec powersupplies are suppose to be nice you might want to take a look at them
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