which sound card is good for use with Altec lansing ADA 880 Speakers?

By guyferd
Apr 2, 2002
  1. which sound card is good?

    I bought a new speaker (Altec lansing ADA 880) and I read from PC magazine that Aureal Vortex SQ-2500 is recommended for my Altec speaker. Is it true? does anyone ever try this soundcard? is this soundcard better that Creative SB live 5.1 ?

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    I own the sound card that your speaking of. Unfortunately the Vortex cards ceased to be manufactured a while ago when Aureal went under. You could probably pick up one second hand. Now I use a Hercules Fortissimo2 soundcard which is newer and maybe mostly because of that has a clearer and better sound. Still supports 4 speakers (if thats all your after). The Altec lansing ADA 880 is a 5.1 (6 speaker setup) and the SQ(SuperQuad = 4 speaker output)2500 has a digital out but I never used it with a 6 speaker setup but I doubt it would be the most suitable card for your speaker system. As I said before, Aureal are no more so you would probably find it hard to get this card if you really wanted it.
    The satellites can be used separately as a 4 speaker system but when you have the full 6 it would seem silly not to use them.

    For more information on sound cards check out the 3dspotlight audio reviews.
    3dspotlight Aureal Vortex2 SuperQuad Review

    I would be tempted more to go for a Creative Labs Audigy or the Hercules GameTheatre XP to pair up with those high quality speakers...

    For some more information about your new speakers checkout Hardwarecentrals review of them posted today.

    Hope this is of some help ;)
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    Check out this thread here:


    I asked a question similar to yours and got some great responses. Some users were very supportive of the Phillips cards. I think the Audigy was the winner in the end though. Make sure you click view Poll Results..
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    Re: which sound card is good?

    They recommended the Aureal Vortex? Must be an old magazine you got there ;)
    Anyway, for one, what inputs does the system feature. S/PDIF Input, Analog, etc.? Can't find it on the Altec website.
    Seeing that its a 6 speaker system it seems even more bizarre to recommend a 4 channel card. Has it got a decoder with it too or something?
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