Who owns my site?

Hi all,
I hope you are safe and well.
I had a couple websites back in '03
but things have changed since then.

For one, software wants to rent instead of sell their software, and ownership is on a whole new level.

I am looking for an offline website building software that I buy outright instead of rent, and one in which I actually own (and have full control of) my creations (own the finished code?)

The website I create will need to have a *Gallery/Store, with the ability to sell one time (originals) or multiple sales of same product (prints)
*Accept online payments & crypto.
*Have a video page with 50 videos
*Have a forum/discussion board.
*Be movable to different Hosts.

Any ideas?


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There used to be tools that let you create websites and you didn't have to know HTML..one was called Dreamweaver from Microsoft was it? If you used that your site would look really ugly now and it wouldn't have any of those features you want (like ecommerce). Adobe makes a ton of software that does this too but again I am not sure how many boxes it is going to check for you.

The new hot potato way to do this is to use a template (Many hosts supply a template like my fav>>Squarespace) and then you are providing the information that plus into that. The backend handles all the problems you 'would' have if you hand coded it yourself which is getting your website to work on all types of devices and all types of browsers and look good. I think that would be the true challenge for you even if you did find software that will crank out a webpage for you.

Paying for hosting can also be very expensive ...if you suddenly get a lot of traffic to your website and many people like to watch your videos then you are going to get the bandwidth bill from your host. I think that is yet another reason people often choose a host/template like Squarespace ...they won't bill you extra if your website suddenly gets popular. You would think I am on commision for them but I just have to answer this questions a lot for my customers even though I am just lowly IT and I am not a web designer.

I am sure there are others that can provide better tools and answers here in the forum. =)
Dreamweaver is actually Adobe and pretty good and well updated from what I hear. But it is a monthly rental now instead of an outright purchase. ...who's the pirate???