Who owns Toshiba Laptop 1805 s274

By LeapingThongs
Oct 10, 2007
  1. Who owns Toshiba Satellite Laptop 1805 s274?

    - pentium3 1.10ghz
    - 30gb hdd
    - 256mb ram
    - windows xp

    Does anyone have this? If so I would like to ask...

    I bought it since around 2002 or so. At the moment I bought it... it was sluggish! sluggish right off the bat! navigate stuff on window screen was slow.. like pressing the start menue and open folders ect.... also when I play umm whats the name of it? wa sit pong? the game that has a ball you have to bounce it... it came pre-install in most computers. yeha I play that game and it was sluggish! even my 466mhz computer was faster!

    note: I was a bit slow and stupid and I just.. im not smart and cant describe right.

    I bought the warrenty i think for 2 years for 200 dollar. anyway so after a few months and went to the store I bought it and told them this laptop is slow and told that when I play game it is slow.... and then their reply is told me that I need a good video card to play game smoothly and then they didnt even bother to look at.... my mind and planning was letting them to look at thats why I brought the laptop with me... they just said its video card to play games smoothly then I just uhhh ok and then head off but my mind and planning was wanted to say more... like its not just the game that is slow.. but the whole computer and it is strange cause my 466mhz seems alot faster! but I did not say that! I am anti social and shy and have not well english and grammar and sentence making so I was stupid!

    the warrenties for 200 dollar for 2 years was a waste! anyway till this day the laptop still is the same... slow.. sluggish.... exept its out of order now... been out of order 3,4 years ago.... cant even boot up! and when I can boot up... it says dump fo physical memory and kept on recyling rebooting itself over and over.. ok I dont want to mix 2 problems in one... it will cause confusion.

    I just want to know if any have the same laptop as me and does it feel the same sluggish? also if anyone have the answer to why my laptop wont reboot feel free to answer.

    forgive my grammar
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