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Nov 11, 2004
  1. HI... I am considering getting a water cooling system, they are quite expensive, so I thought I would make a decision, I was planning on getting water cooling with clear pipes, and then putting some UV water dye in it, so it would glow!! (With my UV light)--- But how often do I have to replace the water, and how efficient are they (I know that they look really cool already!!)
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    Water cooling is great. I've had mine for 3 years. If you're careful and thorough in your installation it should be perfectly safe and you should not have to change the water ever. I use about 15-20% antifreeze in distilled water to prevent any organisms from growing in there. You may need to bleed off a little air every year or so on if you run a closed system. Water cooling is more efficient and quieter. If I was running air right now I wouldn't be able to keep this AMD CPU at 2620 mhz. I'm running 40C (20C case temp) at full load, 24/7.
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    I've been after watercooling for a while but can't really afford it. Now a mate has just offered me a chieftec case with w/c kit in it (once he's finished transferring his girlfriends components into a nice new shuttle. Don't know what cooler it is but it has done several years service silently and happily so it should suit me perfectly. I'll probably run a reasonable antifreeze mix in it as it is a corrosion inhibitor and also aids the cooling capacity of the water a little. Car cooling systems only look so cruddy as they usually have a lot of different metals plus a higher temperature to deal with.
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    Thanks!!! that is usefull, i think it sounds good!!
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    joshuarowley42 if you want water cooling because you overclock your processor and components of your computer to really high levels then water cooling is the way to go. If you want your computer to be really quite and those fan noises are annoying then water cooling is also a good thing. But if the above isnt something that you fall under then you are wasting your money. There is no need to water cool a computer that is at stock frequencies!!! :wave:

    As for water cooling they are really efficient there is this really good kit by swiftech that really gives some very good temperatures there are other companies as well that make good kits. Here is a link for the performance of swiftech they also come with clear pipes to accomplish that UV effect you are looking for.

  6. joshuarowley42

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    That looks hot....
    where yould you sugest that i get a replacement uv bulb...
    Are you realy good at half life... (i saw from your logo)
    i love the game...
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    While this is off-topic, I just thought I would note that is avatar is the Deathmatch Classic logo, not the Half Life logo. The half life logo is the little weird A shape in the circle (HL2 has a two in the corner).
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    as said before, water cooling should only be employed where fans are unable to meet your cooling needs. what's truly mind-blowing is this coolant liquid i saw once. forgot it's name, but it has water-like heat capacity but with infinite electrical resistance and is not harmful to electronic pcb's. perhaps someone reading this knows the name.

    said logo is the greek letter "lambda", btw. used in science i believe it represents the speed of light (could be mistaken though)
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    zephead the fluid that you are referring to is called Fluid XP + it is a non conductive liquid and therefore if small amounts do spill on your electrical components it will not short circuit however a large spill did have some bad results in the test that i once read. It is quite expensive like $50 for a 32 ounce bottle but the cooling is as good as using water and there is minimum performance loss.

    As for the symbol on my avatar it is the 11th greek symbol lambda which stands for wavelength or a particular frequency of light. This is also the symbol for half life 1 and 2 as you will see that it is trademarked when you start the game. I dont know about it being the universal symbol for deathmatch but it could be that as well i dont know.

    And yes joshuarowley42 i do like half life and am very good at it. :grinthumb
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    That sounds great.... Which HL do you like??
    I guess that is right... hence the lambda bunker
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    water cooling is the way to go

    water cooling is very nice and you will notice difference in temp but i recommend you buy your self a good water cooling system such as the one i have bought myself (Zalman Reserator I Silent Water Cooling System) nice looking reliable and easy installation and maintance and no fans really quiet a 5-star rating
  12. joshuarowley42

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    What does maitainance involve??
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