Why I cant Show my hidden files?

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Nov 27, 2007
  1. Why i cant Show my hidden files?
    Tools>folders option and check show hidden files and i click apply and ok.
    but i open folders option,it still "do not show hidden files and folder".
    anyone know why?
  2. Nodsu

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    You have or had some malware that corrupted the Windows registry. You should take a look in our security forums before attemting to fix this.
  3. wen9x88

    wen9x88 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 113

    yesterday i format computer.
    and today my computer cannot show files or folders again.
    i think i change the windows register and make this problem.
    i change windows register to install internet explorer and window media player.and i don know why i just can install internet explorer and window media player cannot install. ><"
  4. raybay

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    Run HiJackThis, if you can, and post here.
    Also, run whatever antispyware and Antivirus software you use, then immediately reboot, and run again in Safe Mode.
  5. devil_himself

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    Click Start/Run,type regedit then press Ok
    Navigate to the following registry key:

    Now right click on,and delete the value "CheckedValue" in the right hand window.

    Now create a new "DWORD Value" called exactly CheckedValue in the right hand window.
    Double click on CheckedValue.
    In the opening 'Edit DWORD Value' box,set the 'Value data:' to 1

    Press Ok,exit regedit,restart your pc.
  6. JPoz

    JPoz TS Rookie

    Worked Great but...

    Thank you Thank you. This worked great but as I was deleting the viruses from my externals I accidently double clicked on one! This brought the problem right back and my computer now tells me that I can no longer name a Dword Value "CheckedValue" because that name is already in use. Even when I delete it from the registry. Is there any other name I can use?
    Thanks again and if you can, please HELP!
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