Why is my irc download stuck under 150kbps?

By itisi
Aug 31, 2006
  1. i have a 2.5 mb connection recently upgraded from a 2 mb

    when i dl from irc i am caped at 150 for some reason, when i download mulltiple downloads it all add up to 150.

    if one goes up to 100 the other goes down to 50.
    even if i download stuff from 2 or 3 different networks it ads ip tp 150 kbps.

    is my isp capping me? cause i should get 300 kbps on a 2.5 mb conection
    or does the dcc send gives less then your max ability.
    what else could be capping me on a pricise download limit?

    on all other tests it downloading from the web i get my max band (300)
    any ideas?


    when i had a 2 mb conection i was getting the same cap only on 130 kbps
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