Why Is My Wi-Fi Not as Fast as Advertised?


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So the marketing for your Wi-Fi router promises a certain speed but your experience with the router doesn’t live up to that speed. What gives? Here’s why you’re not getting the advertised experience.

Before we jump into talking about why your router’s speed is less than what the box advertised, let’s narrow down the scope of this article immediately. FULL ARTICLE

Mark Fuller

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There are many reasons why you would not get the advertised speed of a router. The most obvious one that comes to mind for me is it depends on how many clients are using one router. The more clients the slower the traffic just like a lot of cars on a freeway slows down traffic and leads to jams. I have seen unencrypted open routers in metropolitan areas lead to the fact that the owner could not get internet connection and therefore had to encrypt the router just to get a connection.


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What the WiFi router promises is the supported Data Speed on the WiFi link. Not what the Internet link provides.
Imagine a situation where you have a wifi router capable of 600 MBps with an Internet that gives 150 MBps?
And as mentioned by Mark Fuller, the WiFi bandwidth will be shared by all the users who are logged in at the same time.