Why Linux?

By Snowy Commando
Aug 3, 2002
  1. I would class myself as an 'expert' or 'technical' user that I know Linux is aimed for at the moment until it becomes more 'home user' friendly.

    Call me dumb but why should I try it out?

    In layman's terms, does Linux run you computer faster or just 10x more reliably than Windows does or both?

    Would I still get the full benefits of running Linux on its own partition or do i need a Linux only system?

    Is it good for games?

    Lastly, if linux is open-source which distribution of it would you recommend I try and where can i download?

    I'm probably ready for Linux but don't know when to give it a go, advise me :eek:
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    Many years ago the great British explorer George Mallory, who was to die on Mount Everest, was asked why did he want to climb it, and he said, "Because it is there."
    If you've never used Unix-based OS before, I recommend trying. Just because it's there, installable :).
    Linux doesn't necessarily "run faster" than Windows (hey, I didn't use $). Not necessarily slower, either. They're so different it's not justified to compare them like that, IMHO. Linux is said to be more reliable than Windows, but that's after you've set it up to fit your computer perfectly - which is something Windows won't allow you to do. I've done this by installing Linux from scratch and using Pentium 4 optimizations whenever possible.
    Many people here seem to use Mandrake. I've never used it but I'm quite familiar with Red Hat Linux. I think those two are the most common ones.
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    Give this man a hand too...

    Phant was very helpful in this thread ->

    To Linux or not to Linux?

    Perhaps that shall help you :)
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