Why Won't my computer play HD-DVD's !?

By MMDominator88
Jun 27, 2007
  1. So I have Windows XP Pro and did a clean install about 3 weeks ago because I started dual-booting vista and XP, so I install all the software I need (PowerDVD Ultra v7.3, AnyDVD HD, the Cyberlink BD/HD advisor, Catalyst Drivers 7.6, and the AVIVO 7.6 driver as well) the Hardware is as follows;;;the XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive with updated drivers from windows updates, Radeon X1300, 1GB Kingston memory, crappy motherboard from when I bought the computer, and crappy AMD Athlon XP 2400+ series processor also from when I bought the computer, and a nice samsung display capable of 1440x900. The movie comes up in the PowerDVD and starts playing...at about 2 FPS !! and I look at the CPU utilization and it only reads 89%.......I was just wondering what I'm doing wrong, maybe the processor is too slow, yet I would need an entirely new mobo to get a new processor from a trusted source like newegg b/c they don't even sell Athlon XP series anymore on the website...help would be appreciated
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