Why Won't My Pc Print Internet Pages

By mtouch1
Oct 23, 2007
  1. I Have A Xerox Workcentre 480cx. It Will Not Print Web Pages. I Have To Copy And Paste Into Word In Order To Print Them. When I Try To Print Form The Interent, There Is A Printer Icon That Shows Up In The Bottom Of The Internet Toolbar, But Not On The Desktop Toolbar. Can Anyone Help. Thanks Very Much In Advance.
  2. poertner_1274

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    What browser are you using to try and print from? Also, can you go to File>>Print?

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  3. mtouch1

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    I Am Using Internet Explorer. I Have Tried To File--->print It, But With The Same Outcome.
  4. Tedster

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    1. ensure your printer driver is correct.
    2. when you print, print to the device. Ensure your printer is set as the default printer in IE.
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