Wi-Fi dropping after a while, requires a computer restart to come back

I'd greatly appreciate some help from the community on this issue. I'll explain what I know and what I've tried already.

Hopefully there is someone out there with greater networking knowledge and experience than me who can help me troubleshoot and the next logical steps to take.


In the last couple of weeks the wifi from on my laptop will suddenly drop out. It will show that wifi spots are available including my own wifi network. When I click on my network and attempt to connect, after a couple of moments it says, "Can't connect to this network."

I am completely unable to connect to my network, even if I forget it and try to reconnect by putting in the password.

However, If I restart my computer it will be connected for a while maybe an hour or two and the internet connection is fine. Then at some point it will suddenly be disconnected again with the same issue.

The internet works fine on all the other wireless devices in my home. I have not added any new wifi devices to my home recently.

If I plug the laptop into my router via ethernet it's fine.

Things I've tried and basic information:

Windows 10 is currently up to date.

I'm close to the wifi router and have a good signal.

I get my internet from a cable company which has supplied me with a wifi and router in one. This broadcasts the network around my place and is the point of access if I want to plug into the ethernet.

I have Windows 10 "troubleshoot" for me. It resets my wifi card which does not fix the problem. Then it tells me manually restart my cable wifi router. So I've reset the wifi cable router by unpluging and then plugging back in allowing it to reload. All my other devices come back online but the problem still exists for my laptop.

I've "forgotten" the network and then attempted to reconnect to my network by finding it and then adding the password. My computer won't connect under this scenario. After "forgetting" I can of course restart my computer, then find my network and logon with the password and it's fine......for a bit until I'm dropped again at some point.

I've deleted the network card drivers and restarted my computer thus allowing Windows 10 to reload them on the restart. I connect the wifi network again (because my computer has restarted and then I rejoin my wifi network) but then at some point in an hour or two the network drops and the problem is back.

I've tried release, renew, dns flush they do nothing if I'm not connected to the network. They work fine while I'm connected to the network as my computer will then rejoin the network, until an hour or two later I'm dropped again the problem is back.

I also tried updating the network card driver again under network settings, this requires a restart. Then, after reestablishing a connection with my home network, the problem comes back after a while.

I've noticed the drop generally occurs about 1 to 2 hours after being online however sometimes its a bit longer but once I'm dropped there appears to be no way to connect even though I can see my network (and various other neighbourhood networks) on my computer.


The cable wifi router is fine and restarting that more won't fix this.

The network card is likely fine, as it works for a bit but even after I've been dropped from the network I can see multiple networks including my own I'm just unable to connect.

The network drivers are probably fine as I've allowed Windows 10 to reload them after deleting them. I also have checked and they are up to date.

My guess is I have a program that is running on my computer that is somehow causing this issue??? I haven't recently installed any new programs but lots of things automatically update so maybe something in the last couple of weeks has started to cause this issue??? (I'm speculating here).

If anyone wants to help please let me know what additional information I should post that might be useful to troubleshooting this?