Wide screen monitor and non widescreen games

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Apr 9, 2007
  1. I'm planning on getting a widescreen monitor soon (the samsung 906bw). I have several games i want to play on it that I know do not have widescreen resolutions as options. Will I be able to do anything to make them look right or will i have to be content with a stretched view?
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    Here's a page I use to get info about widescreen gaming:
    FYI - there are more games it can modify than those listed on the wiki page.

    It's great for finding info about which games support it inherently and tools for forcing games to widescreen (EA is terrible about this.) Personally I use Universal Widescreen Patcher for forcing most of my PC games.
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    Well when you think about it a larger viewing area would give those players advantages, they can see more especially in shooters. The solution is to NOT make widescreen available to anyone thus keeping the peripheral vision advantage null. Make sense? :chef:
  4. LNCPapa

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    makes sense - except I definitely have a greater than 90 degree field of vision and everyone is different. Even in real life everyone is different so someone always has the advantage. If I'm willing to invest in hardware (a widescreen monitor) then I should have the option. Besides - running things on LCDs at NOT the native resolution is always a bad situation to me.
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    Thanks very much, exactly what I need.
    @Coth: who cares?
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