wierd Oblivion problem

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Nov 26, 2006
  1. When I tried to install the game Elder Scroll III: Oblivion on my computer I would get an I/O error (I forgot what the error was exactly) for my dvd drive. So I replaced my DVD drive and the game would install for a while longer than previously, then the same error would come up. Then I got this advice from someone that said if I copied all of the files on the disk and put them on my hard drive and install it from there it would work. I tried this and sure enough it did indeed work. But during installation I would occasionally get the error that there were missing texture files and such. (I was REALLY desperate to get the game running so I ignored all of the warnings). I beat the game, did all of the quests, went everywere, bought all of the houses, and the game worked just fine. I do ocassionally get problems like no facial animation when I'm talking to someone, but that's about it.
    Can anyone tell my why installing the game from my hard drive is any different from installing it from my DVD?
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    Because I believe Oblivion has the Copy-write protection on it since it's a really awesome game and everyone wants to get a "Copy" of it ;)

    To answer you problem about the Hard drive installing over the DVD drive is because if you just copy all the files and put it onto the hard drive all the files are directly added to your computer ( except you got some missing files right? ) because the copy write law on most games need to be direct so you cant copy the CD from your DVD drive and sell it

    Sorry if it was confusing :D

    Hope I helped
  3. raider84

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    oblivion problems

  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    The UK DVD version I have doesn't have any kind of copy protection. The game simply checks if the disc is in the drive when starting. I guess Bethesda (or whoever the publisher is) decided it's not worth dealing with copy protection as it would be defeated anyhow.

    And raider84, teach yourself spelling, please.
  5. TimeParadoX

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    Yeah I checked and bethesda softworks didn't want to deal with Copy protections or CD keys, So I guess it's another problem :|

    Also why did someone bump this thread even though it was about 6 months old already?
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