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Apr 13, 2007
  1. I am trying to find out who is using my un protected wireless signal. I can find the mac address. I am trying to find out if a device exists that will help me find out who is stealing the signal. I know of wifi finders. I am looking for a finder that works in reverse to see who is using it.
  2. momok

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    Have you tried using an encrypted password for your wireless signal? That could easily solve the problem without you having to go to the trouble of finding the leecher.

    Your friendly Momok =)
  3. rfitzpatrick

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    I can do that. The problem is the person who is using my wirless signal ordered some stolen goods and the Police came to my house. I want to help them find the person and show them it was not me and I had nothing to do with it before I lock him them out.
  4. raybay

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    Why not use your Wi-Fi device install disk to setup WPA security so nobody can possibly look into your sytem?
  5. twite

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    You are missing the point..He is not trying to encrypt his system, he is trying to find the person that got into his system (and then possibly encrypt it)
  6. Nodsu

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    Use tin foil wrapping around the router antenna to get a general direction (wrap it so that signal from only a narrow area gets though), then grab a tire iron, walk that way and whack anyone who looks supicious?

    Also, MAC addresses are assigned to specific chip makers. If you run the address through any of the MAC address searches (or just browse the relevant list), you can get an idea about the device used.

    Also, shouldn't it be the police who are supposed to track down the guy?
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