Will 250w supply damage an ati x700? box says 300w req.

By NFiltrate_Z3R0
Jul 31, 2005
  1. Used X700 on a 250w powersupply upon purchase

    Hey guys I just bought an ATI X700 and used it on a 250w powersupply for about an hour till i bought a 450w powersupply. Im seein some glitches during startup like lines appearing here and there. I also see glitches when I install the new drivers but once i restart, everything is normal. Does any of you think that the glitches are caused by running my card on a below minimum power supply or is it completely normal?
  2. NFiltrate_Z3R0

    NFiltrate_Z3R0 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I used my newly bought ati x700 on a 250w supply for an hour. During load up i see a single glitchy line for only a sec and then everything is normal. Not sure if this line has to do with anything. Now i bought a 450w power supply and im wondering if using the videocard on a 250w powersupply damaged it at all?
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