Will a network put my computer at risk

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Jun 20, 2005
  1. Im going to be getting a new PC hopefully by the end of december (buying parts individually hence the long wait) and the current plan is to connect it up to a home network so I can share an internet connection (2GB BT broadband). There will be 3 computers on the network, my mums, my lovely brand spanking new (and expensive) one and my sisters. The main thing im worried about is wheras I can sort out my computer regularly (using ad-aware and spybot etc) my sister seems to be inept. Ive shown her how to do it and she somehow manages to get at least 50 new problems a day, and often has excess of 150, how she manages it I dont know, it seems 2 be a skill of hers... But I was wondering whether being connected to her problem ridden computer would affect mine in anyway, the network connection goes 1- My mums, 2 - My sisters and last mine. If problems would pass from my sisters to mine are there any other options available, I need internet and it seems silly to have 2 paid internet connections in one house. Will there be a problem?

    -Thanks rv13uk-
  2. Nodsu

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    You should be OK if you install a firewall an do it before hooking up your computer to the home network.

    As for your sister, clean up her computer, remove all shortcuts to Internet Explorer and install Firefox and/or Opera instead. Force her to use those no matter how loud she complains.
  3. rv13uk

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    Ive alreddi made the whole house use firefox, but im a bit hesitant about sorting it out. I wouldnt be suprised if it took a couple of hard days work...and she'd only mess it up again. Aah well, maybe I should just remove all links to her browser, however evil it is :)
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    It shouldn't take you that long, have a look at this thread and follow the instructions exactly.
    Good luck :)

    But as Nodsu said as long as you have a good firewall you should be ok.
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    If you do not activate File-sharing, and use a software firewall (not the one built-in from XP!) that blocks access from your mum's and sister's PCs, you should not have any problem.
    In your case, a router with built-in firewall is a MUST, and you should set up the home-network with fixed IPs.

    Have a look at the attachment here:
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