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Jan 28, 2008
  1. take my HDDs that won't boot up correctly from my computer, and do some storage management with them in another computer? In other words, I have 2 HDs, one 500g and one 80g:
    -The 500g has/had windows installed on it
    -The 80g was just random storage....(I guess it doesnt make much sense that way but I dunno how to actually set them up and reformat them myself)

    my computer got a blue screen with some unmountable boot error with it, and now it won't boot into windows -i tried recovery and fixboot, didn't work-
    I want to swap drives and make the 80g my primary windows drive and the 500g just storage, but wipe at least the 80g, and start from scratch so no more errors appear, hopefully (without losing any information already on them)

    if you haven't noticed already im pretty newb with this kinda comp information so please bare with me... so my main questions are, if you guys can help me by answering a few...

    1. can I swap the 80g drive's information to the 500g drive, and then reformat the 80g setting it up for a fresh windows install?

    2. if so, will the old windows information on the 500g conflict at all with anything once it's all said and done?

    3. is an 80g sata drive sufficient, or EFFICIENT to have windows xp installed on it? (because I was also thinking of just buying another new sata drive to make it all easier and be my primary, but I wasn't sure what size would be good to hold windows, considering i used to have a 20g HDD have windows on it and you can imagine how that went)

    any input would be appreciated, and if you have questions or i don't make sense because im an ***** feel free to ask questions

  2. tipstir

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    I would put the OS and programs on the 80GB (not my documents folder)
    The 500GB should be use for storage or other things..

    HOw many PCs you have there?
  3. Wesablo

    Wesablo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    well i only have one but it won't boot up windows as i said theres some stupid error (STOP: 0x000000ED), but i have access to a few through friends
    - is it bad to put programs like games on the non-OS drive? cuz i would think the 80g might get filled up kinda quick, but then again i don't have TOO many games
  4. DeepMartin

    DeepMartin TS Rookie Posts: 54

    i been there and done that and i committed so many simple mistakes that i later on found out why it wasn't working or installing

    when it comes to installing programs on ur big drive just make ur own programs and files folder on ur secondary drive and set the install to that destination (make sure each program has their own folder in there while doing this)

    *my experience is self taught i found old computers in the garbage and then make them run again. I wish i knew of this website when i first started, since my only source of knowledge was google not actual people that can tell me what i was doing wrong*
  5. DeepMartin

    DeepMartin TS Rookie Posts: 54

    if ur trying to get data from ur 80gb to ur 500gb just put the 80gb as a slave in ur friends computer and move the files to his main harddrive then switch it with the 500gb and put ur files to ur harddrive (its not gonna mess up ur friends hhd lets jsut hope he has enuf space for ur data)

    then u just make the fresh install on ur computer on ur 80gb without worring aobut loosing anything
    once done with installing windows shut it down just add the 500gb drive and theres ur data (its sort of a big and annoying pendrive move)

    PS: make sure u properly shutdown and unplug the computer for when ur about to switch hhds or add hhds or take out lol
  6. Wesablo

    Wesablo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    ok sweet thats exactly the answer i was hoping/looking for, it may be long and annoying and all that but its better than having to buy ANOTHER damn drive, in my case at least

    thanks a lot i appreciate it i'll tell ya how it goes once i finally finish

    -the only one thing im worrying about is residual windows files on the 500g after i make it a slave in my system...will they conflict? and if so, maybe i could just sent all my stuff from the 500g drive to my friend's HD as well and then reformat it too and then put it all back?
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