Will i Need a Power Unit 4 my X850 pro 256mb agp maker is ati

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Apr 28, 2006
  1. hi fellas im currently waiting on a order for my new ati x850 pro :bounce: graphics card which is a agp card not pci. i was woundering even though i'm already running a 256mb graphics card (ATI 9550) will i be needing to purchase a power unit ?? :confused:
    the Inside of a P.c is about as new to me as tryin to run a marathon on my hands so all i can tell you is that its a packard bell imedia gold 2005 with a
    .cpu 320ghz
    .1g ddr ram
    .256 mb 9550 ati >agp

    am not sure of the power outage from my cpu but reading througha couple of messages on here i noticed that it should be wrote on the side ....

    any advice on this matter would be greatly undertaken as the x850 has set me back £150 and i dont fancy loosing out because my power isnt up to standards :bounce:
    cheers guys n girls
  2. connerwayne

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    To my knowledge, the x850xt requires at least a 350w PSU. I could be mistaken. Might be 400w... I just bought mine, a Sapphire PCIe, and lemme tell ya, it rocks! I get extremely fast framerates with it, but I miss the SM3 :<(

    I upgraded from an x1300 Pro to the x850xt. The framerate increase is more than enough to make me ok with losing a little (and I mean a little) bit of eye candy. Its faster than the x1800gto (has 1 more quad) and it definetly does the trick for all the high end games out right now. I OC'd it to 589 Core / 597 (x2) Mem.

    Thing is though, youve gotta have power to run the integrated heat sink/fan combo. (dont believe what people say about it being loud... its only loud for about 3 seconds during boot...) Im not sure what type of connector it uses, but Im sure it comes with all the necissary cables. If not, run out to your local PC store and buy it... whatever... just make it work, you wont be disappointed, I promise!

    Good Luck!

  3. bustalick

    bustalick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you for that i guess ill have to check my pcu problem is im not sure where to check ? i dont know if am running 350 or even 400 but when i fit the unit it should tell me if there isnt enough power surley ? if there isnt do you know any good links where i might be able to buy a power unit from ? i just got a audigy sound blaster card and thats kicked up my sound beautifully so i hope that i can get this graphics card in and running smoothly.. am playin battlefield 2 mainly and im lookin to purchase the new instalment battlefield 2135 but i realy do want to have a graphics card that will make the game more enjoyable.. any thoughts on this guys would be a great help
  4. Greenmachine

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  5. applesauce12321

    applesauce12321 TS Rookie

    It may say it requires something. But all the does not mean anything. U could have a 500 watt power supply and not be able to run it. or a 300 could run it. it depends on how much stuff u have. Go to this site and add up your stuff and see http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/
  6. connerwayne

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    very true... the more USB/Firewire devices you have, expansion cards, internal fans, etc, the more power you will need... One way to find out though, plug it in and run it! If it works, great, if it doesn't, I think you know where the culprit is.... I dont think your at risk of frying anything by trying it, can anyone verify that? If he tries it and he doesnt have enough power, its just going to run unstable or not run at all right? Be sure that the fan is running when you try it though. It should sound like a hairdryer for about 3 or 4 seconds on boot... If it doesn't, it may not be running properly. I had an x850xt that had a defective fan, and I did see the fan spinning but I didnt hear it. After it went belly up from overheating itself, I returned it, and the first thing I noticed about the replacement card is that it is EXTREMELY loud when you first power up the machine. I actually like it that way though. That way I know for a fact that the fan is operating correctly.

  7. CrossFire851

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    This is what I think that's going to happen, it's going to boot to windows and he is going to start a game and get a BSOD then he'll be like aw I wish I bought that new psu. Bumer

    and newegg.com is the best place to buy any computer component.
  8. Greenmachine

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    applesauce the calculator you posted sucks.. it does not even have the X850XT as an option for video cards. Convert to the calculator I posted earlier.
  9. bustalick

    bustalick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for that guys some of them links are usefull others well they could do with being a little better and crossfire your assumption of what is goin to happen is why i started this post in the first place is also why am looking a buying a higher out puttin psu but i needed to find out the requirements 1st because why waste cash if i dont need to !! thanks again and ill keep you all posted on this as to whether or not my pc explodes in a great cloud of smoke (fingers crossed) lol. the information about the fan start up is very usefull and thank you for that i will be keepin a watch full eye on things but i think im just goin to pop back to ebuyer and see if they sell any decent psu.. can anyone tell me if i will need to get a technical installer to fit this unit or is it rarther easy..
    thanks again your advice is very much appreciated
  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Get an Antec TruePower 500W PSU. They're good quality and u can get one from NewEgg for around $70 i believe. Its one of the best u'll find. Might as well buy a quality product so u are assured ur PC is safe.
  11. bustalick

    bustalick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you for that am currently lookin at one now so i will have alook at the antec u stated .. do i have to worry about the size of this power supply because the casing on my packard bell imedia is only small..
  12. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Yeah that would limit ur choice. Post a pic or two later so I can get a look. I gtg now so i'll have a look at it l8er.
  13. bustalick

    bustalick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok mate as for the pic the best i can do is give you my product information site link

    but it doesnt state anywhere how to upgrade my psu.. i realy am thinking of just popping round to a locla pc centre (1 just round the corner) and asking them what kind of unit i can fit in there
  14. bustalick

    bustalick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok folks thats enough with my problems lets hope . i have just invested in a brand new psu with a power output of 580w (thats should be enough) my graphics card is still on route and my sound cards still working so so far all is well !!! i would like to thank all of you guys and girls some for statin the obvious and others for being a lil more understandin on this matter! thanks again and i will keep you informed on how the installation goes
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