Will mac monitor work on pc?

By mlm750sh
May 2, 2006
  1. hello all i got hold of a 21" monitor fom an old power mac comp was wondering will it work on a pc ? the cabling is bnc (3 seperate conectors to monitor ) and no it wont fit a pc graphics but if i get a bnc cable for a pc will it work ? or just waste of time ? how much a bnc cable ?
  2. AMDIsTheBest010

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    does the monitor specify if it is "plug and play?" if so than I dont see any reason y it wouldnt, u could prolly find the cable ur talking about on EBAY!if it will fit into the VGA port on the back of the computer than i thnik it should work

    a PC monitor works on a MAC computer, so it should
  3. mlm750sh

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    no it does not say plug and play it hooks up to a power mac with bnc cables one end goes to power mac card other end hooks to mon wth 3 connectors
  4. AMDIsTheBest010

    AMDIsTheBest010 TS Rookie Posts: 398

    hmm?? well i dont know if they sell VGA adapters, b/c i know that the new macs come with a VGA adapter since they do not include monitoes in purchases ne more (or you could buy the Apple 30" widescreen if you feel like going into debt 4 it)

    by the way u might be able to contract apple and see if they will sell you a VGA adapter

    or try this go to www.ebay.com on the scroll down menu scroll it down to "computers and networking" in the search box type " Mac VGA adapter" I just typed this in and it gave 45 items and i looked at them and they r what i think ur looking 4, the one I was lookin at was $5.00 including shipping

    Hope this helps
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