Will Microsoft give me grief.

By Reachable
May 28, 2007
  1. I pride myself on being no more than half a dozen or so years behind the times, so I am finally updating my Windows Me system to Windows XP.

    Here's the way I'm planning on doing it:

    I don't want to be without the full functionality of my one and only computer for even a day, so I'm going to install another hard drive, and when I want to work on installing the (OEM) XP and other software I'll plug that one in and unplug the old one and then reverse the procedure when I want to go back to using the old drive. When everything's set on the new hard drive, I'll probably install a new motherboard and processor for greater speed which I wouldn't be able to do earlier because the new board I have in mind is not compatible with Me. I won't go on the Internet with my XP drive until the new mobo is in.

    My question is – because I will have originally used a different motherboard and processor with the XP, will Microsoft want to shut me down with its anti-whatever safeguards? One of the reasons I waited so long to switch to XP is this antagonistic nonsense.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ovvn.you

    ovvn.you TS Rookie Posts: 98

    get all your desired hardware together first before you install xp... i think swapping out your mobo will require a reinstall of windows
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