Will my new PC play lineage 2 perfect?

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Sep 5, 2006
  1. I am buying a new pc and i want to know if it will play lineage 2 perfect the thing that i am putting on are:
    Amd Athlon 64 3800+ Dual Core Am2
    Msi K9N Platinum Am2
    Power Supplier Hiper 480 watt
    Ram 1 GB
    Ge Force 7600 GS 512 Mb
    Case NZTX Lexa Silver
    and i will put on some ram cooling parts.

    Do know if it will work?plz hlp
  2. connerwayne

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    AMD Dually

    I honestly have no idea what this game is, but Im gonna investigate since its new and I might want to try it.

    But, it sounds like your investing a good chunk of change in this PC... Id go for at least 2GB of good memory, and the newer AM2 boards allow for DDR2 (up to 1066 I believe). Dont skimp on the memory, as this chip has seen really good overclocking benchmarks compared to the older socket 939 and 940 variations. The memory is going to be the limiting factor when it comes to OC'ing. I have an older X2 3800+ and I love it, but Im running an Asus CrossFire board that only supports DDR. I think that due to the memory, I was only able to bump it up 400Mhz. This is still a considerable overclock, with very little heat increase (im using a Thermaltake Big Typhoon cpu cooler), but I think that with better memory it could have gone much higher.

    Another thing to consider is SLI or XFire. If you want to get the most bang for the buck, Id go with one of these configurations. Im not going to say which is better because I havent checked out the market in quite some time, but whichever you choose, you can get one good video card now, and buy one to match it next year when its dirt cheap to expand the capability of the system and get more life out of it for a very low cost. If you choose to invest in this technology, it wont cost you very much up front compared to the single PCIe boards, but you will absolutely need a better PSU. I believe 500-550w rated PSUs are required for dual video cards.

    So, at a minimum, get another 1GB stick of RAM, and if you want to make a more sound investment for a gaming rig, spend a little more and invest in either an SLI or CrossFire mobo and better PSU.

    My 2c...
  3. connerwayne

    connerwayne TS Rookie Posts: 46

    This is not a very graphix intensive game.....

    FYI... Here are the system requirements for the game. Looks like it doesnt require a whole lot of processing power, but still, if your investing in a new PC, Id go with the recommendations I made above.

    Minimum Requirements:
    Pentium 3 800MHz or better
    Higher than 256M
    GeForce2 or better
    56K Internet Connection

    Recommended Specifications:
    Pentium 4 2GHz or better
    Higher than 512M
    GeForceFX 5600 or better 3D graphics card
    Broadband Internet Connection

    Good luck!
  4. korrupt

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    It should run it perfectly.

    i'll just tell you that the 512mb graphics card is actually 256 but a "backdoor" in the advertising rules allows them to market it as 512mb because it has 256 mb on 2 pipelines... Thats the way it is anyways I believe.


  5. manolis69

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    i did a mistake the psu i am buying its 580.and what about the graphics gard is it gd?
  6. connerwayne

    connerwayne TS Rookie Posts: 46

    ok, so your good on the PSU, I would get a good SLI or XFire board, then throw on a decent video card.

    Heres a 7600 GS with good GPU and MEM clocks. It is 256MB, but I dont think that matters too much on this card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814145133 goes for $139 and also has 2 DVI outs.

    I believe the card you are talking about does physically have 512MB on it, the question is, is the chipset really capable of storing data in that extra 256MB? Ive heard arguments that these cards dont need 512 because they arent fast enough. Does anyone have benchmarks? Id assume its kinda like having a 5 bedroom house and 2 bedrooms of stuff.

    If you want to step it up a big notch and play with the big boys, the 7900 is relatively innexpensive when compared to is perverbial "Daddy," the ATI x1900xt. The 7900 can be had sub 200 and the x1900xt for a bit over 300. Heres a link to NewEgg for the 7900. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814122010

    I would recommend getting one 7900 now, an SLI motherboard, and a second 7900 when you have the coin.
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