Will this definitely solve my problem?

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Jul 29, 2006
  1. Hey guys,

    A few weeks ago I posted about problems I was having whenever I put in a decent graphics card, that after a few minutes of gaming the computer would completely freeze up, and I would have to reboot. This got very annoying, and I tried a few different graphics cards, and it tends to be the better ones that are worse, as when I used a Radeon 9200SE, there wasn't much crashing at all, only a few infrequent freezes where the screen went completely black. I eventually took out my graphics card altogether and had to live with onboard graphics.

    I was advised to get a new PSU by Techspot members... Mine was 300W and these are the specs that were on the sticker...

    AC INPUT : 220V -240V ~/3.5A 50Hz
    DC OUTPUT : +5V == /20A MAX -12V == /0.5A MAX +12V1 == /10A MAX
    +5V (5B) == /2A MAX =3.3V ==/20A MAX +12V2 == /13A MAX

    Combined Power on +3.3V and +5V rails shall not exceed 130W.
    Combined Power on 12V1 and 12V2 rails Shall not exceed 20A.
    At ambient 25 degrees C Total Power Output shall not exceed 300W.
    At ambient 50 degrees C Total Power Output shall not exceed 270W.

    Apparently this was not enough to run the better graphics cards -- I originally bought an Acer T135 and this is the PSU that came with it....put in another 512mb stick of RAM and then tried to put in a graphics card, which resulted in this crashing when playing games. I think the PSU was chosen only to run the components that were in the system already, and little more.

    I have now purchased a new PSU and put it in my system... a Sansun Arctic 550W. It has been working fine since I have started using it. The +12V1 in this power supply has an amperage of 20A, and the +12V2 has 19A.

    I ruled out the problem as being a heat problem, my case has a huge fan at the front, and two smaller but still large fans at the side, blowing air directly onto the AGP slot.

    I am just concerned that this PSU will definitelysolve this crashing problem. I am about to purchase a Gecube Radeon X1600pro (AGP)graphics card, and I don't want to be making a mistake.

    Thanks again.
  2. iss

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    I would say that your PSU was the problem. 10A on the +12V rail simply isnt near enough juice for today's systems. in fact I have often sen new systems that wouldnt even boot with a power supply that delivered that few amps on the +12V rail.

    I have never heard of a sansun so I cant tell you if that PSU will solve your problem or not. all PSU's are not created equal. a Low quality PSU does NOT deliver it's advertised wattage. Your better off sticking with known quality PSU's. PCP&C, Antec, or Enermax.
  3. alaex_51

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  4. iss

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    That should be sufficient to run your system with a high end graphics card.
  5. alaex_51

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    That's good to hear. I will order a Gecube Radeon X1600pro, and hope that it does work with the new PSU. Thanks again, iss. I will report back with how things go.
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