Will this upgrade work?

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Sep 7, 2002
  1. Hello all there are a few questions which i like to ask,

    I currently using 128 "NCP" Ram, 2 sticks of them, so my DIMM Slots are full. I always have this question in mine, what if i get a Crucial 512mb ram and remove the stick in the 1st DIMM slot and just add in, will my pc run smoothly with this two different branded rams?

    Secondly, my mainboard supports socket-A 200 FSB processors, will flashing my AMI BIOS helps the mainboard to support socket-A 266MHZ front side bus & AMD Duron Processors above 850MHz.

    Appreciate if you can answer these queries.
  2. Didou

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    According to the SiS site ( SiS730 features ), your board supports up to 1.5GB of PC133 ram but I'm guessing it can only do so if the board has 3 DIMM slots. In your case, I suppose you can have a maximum of 1GB ( 2x 512mb ).

    So yes, putting a 512mb Crucial module instead of your NCP 128mb module should work.
  3. SNGX1275

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    What OS are you running?

    It seems that 9x based OSes like running different branded RAM better than NT based. At least in my expierence.
  4. young&wild

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    Sorry for the late reply, i have been busy with my upcoming exams!

    thanks for the reply.

    By the way didou, i m usin win ME.
  5. Vehementi

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    Theoretically, on paper, it should work. I mean, RAM is RAM, right? :rolleyes:
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