will this work in my system

By etones
Jul 5, 2005
  1. right i got kingston 256mb ECC pc100 ram off the internet, before i ordered it i asked a IT technican if it would work in my system and he said it would so i ordered it then when i got it i asked him if he would come and install it so he came down and installed it put it wouldnt work in the computer so he tryed it in my compaq and again it didnt work even through the one in the compaq is exactly the same it said memory error when i was installed, so he said that the stick was faulty, so i emailed the person i got it from and they ask me to provide info about my motherboard which is in the picture i added, they said that it wont work in my computer. can someone tell me if it will work. thanks

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  2. Nodsu

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    It just miiiight help if you actually told us what motherboard and what memory you are talking about.
  3. etones

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    sorry had some problems uploading the photo, you may need to zoom in on the pic
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