WiMAX Forum Endorses Industry's First WiMAX Application Lab in Taiwan

By Julio Franco
Oct 22, 2007
  1. WiMAX Forum Taipei Showcase Demonstrates Widespread Industry Support and Progress, Including Highlights from WiMAX Forum PlugFest

    TAIPEI – October 22, 2007 – More than 3,000 visitors and 50 WiMAX Forum® member companies converged to participate in the WiMAX Forum Taipei Showcase and WiMAX Forum conference this week to experience the demonstration of live Mobile WiMAX™ products and services. During a press conference to kick off the two day exposition, the WiMAX Forum announced the opening of the industry’s first WiMAX Forum-endorsed application lab and the results of its fourth public, Mobile WiMAX PlugFest.

    The M-Taiwan WiMAX Application Lab located in Hsinchu, is designed to be an open environment where innovators from around the globe can come to develop and test new WiMAX applications covering categories such as Voice over Internet Protocol and entertainment. The lab will open its doors to equipment and application developers beginning this week, offering a chance to test their products and services for performance on a live WiMAX system and conduct and measure consumer acceptance before bringing them to market.

    “This new application lab, supported by local industry and Taiwan administration, is a stellar example of the global readiness by region for the innovations that anytime, anywhere broadband Internet access of WiMAX technology will spawn," said Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum, at the press conference here today. "As our members come together this week in Taipei to showcase products and announce plans to deliver Mobile WiMAX services in 2008, we are reminded that the WiMAX industry is addressing a new standard in a way no other industry or association has in the past. We are approaching WiMAX technology much the same way that the innovators of the Internet built the World Wide Web, offering a truly open infrastructure where no single operator or service provider dominates the technology."

    Future innovators will play an important role in the development of WiMAX applications. University students will use the new lab to develop applications and services in collaboration with their professors, industry leaders, the WiMAX Forum and our members.

    “WiMAX and the need for broadband Internet access anytime, anywhere, even in the palm of our hands, will be adopted as a result of the unique applications and services made available to consumers," said Johnsee Lee, President of ITRI. "Applications and services will continue to move to the forefront of the WiMAX technology discussion and our hope is that the first application lab here in Taiwan will help infuse new innovations never before realized."

    At the 2007 WiMAX Forum Taipei Showcase, the WiMAX Forum anticipates that thousands of attendees will experience a live demonstration of how commercial WiMAX services will work. The showcase includes the latest demonstrations from worldwide system and chipset vendors with products and complete end-to-end solutions.

    "More than 50 member companies are here today to showcase the progress of the innovation and the overwhelming collaboration within the WiMAX ecosystem," added Resnick. "With five certification labs to open worldwide by the end of the year to certify a broad mix of WiMAX products, I am pleased to announce an application lab in place and another successful mobile PlugFest under our belt. It is clearly a pivotal point for the WiMAX market to gain momentum toward WiMAX Forum mobile certification and commercial availability of products in early 2008."

    WiMAX Forum's 4th Public, Mobile PlugFest Results

    The WiMAX Forum® has brought together 42 companies from the Mobile WiMAX equipment and test equipment communities for the fourth public, Mobile WiMAX PlugFest, an interoperability venue hosted in Taipei. The PlugFest began on Sunday, October 14, 2007 and concluded on Saturday, October 20, 2007.

    "This latest PlugFest, with a record number of participants and more than 200 engineers in attendance, shows commitment by the WiMAX ecosystem to deliver valuable products that will provide end-users a quality experience and offer affordable, content-filled services across the planet," said Ed Agis, chairman of the WiMAX Forum Certification Working Group. "We had a number of milestones this PlugFest, including testing the leading advanced antenna technologies delivering the fastest speeds and broadest coverage. Due to member demand, we also extended the event an extra day and have two test benches per vendor to increase the amount of testing allowed during the event."

    "Historically, MIMO setups are not achieved until mid-week," said Agis. "For the first time, several vendors had MIMO setups running during the first day of testing. In addition, 20 different set ups demonstrating successful data flow across MIMO Matrix A and Matrix B were achieved, as well as several beamforming IOT set ups.”

    Chipset suppliers, equipment and test equipment vendor companies were among those companies participating in the WiMAX Forum-sponsored event, including: Accton Technology Corporation, Aeroflex, Agilent Technologies, Airspan Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Alpha Networks, Inc., Alvarion, Amicus Wireless Technology, Inc., Anite Telecoms Ltd., ApaceWave Technologies, ASUSTek Computer Inc., AT4 wireless, Azimuth Systems, Beceem Communications, Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc., GCT Semiconductor, Inc., Gemtek Technology Co.,Ltd, Huawei Technologies, Institute for Information Industry, Intel Corporation, Japan Radio Co. Ltd., M/A COM Inc., Marvell Semiconductor, Motorola, Navini Networks, NEC, Nokia, Nortel Networks, PicoChip, Posdata Co. Ltd., Quanta Computer, Inc., Redline Communications Inc., Rohde & Schwarz, Runcom Technologies Ltd, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Sanjole, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd., Sequans Communications, Spirent Communications, Telsima Inc., Wavesat Inc, and ZTE Corporation. (To view member news releases, please go to http://www.wimaxforum.org/news/membernews)

    "The WiMAX Forum PlugFest provides Mobile WiMAX equipment suppliers an open environment in which to test compatibility and interoperability of equipment in preparation for certification," said Agis. "The result is quicker time to market with products that work."

    About WiMAX Forum®

    The WiMAX Forum® is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon the harmonized IEEE 802.16/ETSI HiperMAN standard. A WiMAX Forum goal is to accelerate the introduction of these systems into the marketplace. WiMAX Forum Certified™ products are interoperable and support broadband fixed, nomadic, portable and mobile services. Along these lines, the WiMAX Forum works closely with service providers and regulators to ensure that WiMAX Forum Certified systems meet customer and government requirements. Through the WiMAX Forum Congress Events Series of global trade shows and events, the WiMAX Forum is committed to furthering education, training and collaboration to expand the reach of the WiMAX ecosystem. For more information, visit the trade show link at www.wimaxforum.org.
    “WiMAX Forum” is a registered trademark of the WiMAX Forum. “WiMAX,” the WiMAX Forum logo, “WiMAX Forum Certified,” and the WiMAX Forum Certified logo are trademarks of the WiMAX Forum. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
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