Win 98 driver installation problem.

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Dec 27, 2004
  1. I recently upgraded my old hand-me down computer to an AMD Athlon 1700+ with 1GB ram and a 128 meg video card. I origionally thought I would have problems dealing with the bios, but that wasn't the case.

    However, when Win 98 started (yes I need to upgrade), it started the normal plug-n-play driver search for all the motherboard hardware. What the problem was when I tried to access my CD rom drive, the computer didn't recognize the drive, so I couldn't access my CD rom to install the drivers from the CD.

    Here's the info I have: the hard drive and CD rom drive are all what I had before the upgrade, so there shouldn't be any problems here, the bios recognizes both the hard drive and the CD drive on startup.

    All I need is to find a way to access my CD-rom drive to install the drivers and I'll be set.

    Any help?
  2. goldwing388

    goldwing388 TS Rookie


    You may want to try this:
    1. Power down the machine
    2. Insert your boot floppy
    3. Power up your machine
    4. Choose option #1 Startup with CDrom support---hit enter
    5. At the A:\> prompt type "sys c: (put a space between sys and c)--hit enter
    Computer will transfer the startup info from the floppy

    When you see:
    A:\>sys c:
    System transferred

    Simply power the machine off, remove the floppy and after a few seconds try to power up.
  3. BamaDan78

    BamaDan78 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the info...I'm gonna have to find my boot floppy.

    If I can't find it, is there any other way?
  4. goldwing388

    goldwing388 TS Rookie


    Go here and fish around, the reason that I said to try this is that it will give you the opportunity to see if your missing CDrom reappears, other than that, not sure what your problem is.

    madboot com
  5. luvr

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    In my opinion, Windows 98 cannot handle this much RAM - I recently upgraded the hardware in one of my PCs, and I had to limit the amount of RAM recognised by Win98, to 768MB (not 512MB or 640MB - 768MB was the only number that worked).

    You can use the msconfig utility to configure the amount of RAM that you want Win98 to use.
  6. goldwing388

    goldwing388 TS Rookie


    I agree with Luvr about the memory, and really think that with Win98 that much memory causes more trouble than its worth. Did anyone get the license plate number of that missing CDrom yet. Still MIA?
  7. jstillion

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    There are two tweaks you have to do with windows 9x in order to get that much memory to work:

    The part of the article describes WindowsME but applies to 9x as well:

    Here's the meat of the text:

    Windows ME system has more than 512MB of RAM, then to work around a bug in the vcache management, per Q253912, you must add the following to the [vcache] section of C:\Windows\SYSTEM.INI file:


    If more than 1024MB (1GB) RAM, then a second entry in SYSTEM.INI may be required in the [386Enh] section per Q304943 to limit Windows ME to using just 1GB of physical RAM:

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