Win XP access is denied multiple times

By noob0
Dec 31, 2003
  1. Hi, I have a problem regarding "access is denied" whenever I try to do stuff. I have Windows XP Home Edition.

    I get the message whenever I try to install a printer driver, or even when I try to install Norton Personal Firewall!

    It says I need an administrator account, but I am already logged on as administrator.
  2. iamron

    iamron TS Rookie

    Unfortunately, XP Home using NTFS is essentially hard wired for "Simple File Sharing" at system level.

    However, you can set XP Home permissions in Safe Mode. Reboot, and start hitting F8, a menu should eventually appear and one of the options is Safe Mode. Select it. Note, it will ask for the administrator's password.

    This is not your administrator account, rather it is the
    machine's administrator account for which users are asked to create a password during setup.

    If you created no such password, when requested, leave blank and press enter. (recommended )

    Open Explorer, go to Tools and Folder Options, on the view tab, scroll to the bottom of the list, if it shows "Enable Simple File Sharing" deselect it and click apply and ok. If it shows nothing or won't let you make a change, move on to the next step.

    Navigate to the files, right click, select properties, go to the Security tab, click advanced, go to the Owner tab and select the user that was logged on when you were refused permission to access the files. Click apply and ok.

    Close the properties box, reopen it, click add and type in the name of the user you just enabled. If you wish to set ownership for everything in the folder, at the bottom of the Owner tab is the following selection:
    "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects," select it as well.

    Once complete, you should be able to do what you wish with these files when you log back on as that user.

    Make sure you uninstall your printer driver before reinstalling.

    Hope this helps....
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