Drivers [Win XP] Can't Get XP Installed ...

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First of all, i hope i get many responses ... :)

I'll give u my computer specs first, brand new system.
I got it with slipstreamed version of XP Professional & SP2
(Sata Drivers inclusive on that CD?)
So everything worked when i got it .. :)

- Asus P5W DH Deluxe
- Intel C2D E6600
- 2048 Mb Corsair
- Asus Nvidia 8800 GTS with 640 Mb DDR3
- Western Digital Caviar SE16 500 Mb
- Pioneer DVD/CD Writer/rewriter

So when i got the computer i wanted to install XP myself.
I formatted multiple computers, so i know what i'm doing ... (i tought )
Expecting no errors i booted from Windows XP CD.
- He starts loading drivers (With the F6 screen)
- Welcome To Setup !
- Press Enter if u want to install XP
- License Agreement ...
- Press Enter if u want to install XP on this partition
* only 1 hdd, so only 1 partition for now on
- Press C to continue installation
- Format Partition as NTFS (fast)
- Press F to format
* He starts formatting
- Controlling disks
- Copying files to windows installation maps
* copying
- Setup initializing Windows configuration
- Automatic reboot with the red bar
* Normally boot from HDD now and continue setup
* Than he starts to boot
* Error message ... so keeps rebooting ...

Error Message: (Translated from my language)
Incorrect boot.ini
Started from c:\windows
NTDETECT is failed

I run bios version 1407 (Latest ..)
The bios shows:
Primary IDE Master: Pioneer DVD/CD
Third IDE Master: WDC WD5000KS-00MNB (so the harddisk)

Boot Sequence = HDD, CDROM

Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration > Jmicron SATA/PATA Controller = [Enabled]

Personally i think the error are the sata drivers from the mobo, but i installed a floppystation and put the drivers on floppy, when i press F6 during install of drivers of win xp he asked for the floppy ... he sees the drivers but when trying to install he says all files are damaged .. (and no the're not)
And i don't really know what particular exact drivers i need for my system ... (Intel or Jmicron ? Raid or AHCI ? 32 bit or 64 bit? )

Also normally if there isn't OS on the HDD, following the boot sequence he should start up from CDROM? But he keeps rebooting ...

I really need some help ... it's such a good system .. but i just can't get it to work ... Don't wanna reinstall slipstreamed version ... Wanna know where's the error and how to fix it .. Really hope i get some answers soon.

Wanna thank everybody for reading .. and now answers pls :)

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Google and get memtest and use it to see if your RAM is okay or not.
Run it for at least seven passes, if you get any errors at all then your RAM is either faulty or incompatible.


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I haven't got time to look it up, but you have described your HDD as an IDE type drive . If this is true you MUST reconnect your HDD as the first/primary IDE channel and the DVD on the Secondary IDE channel.


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The bios shows:
Primary IDE Master: Pioneer DVD/CD
Third IDE Master: WDC WD5000KS-00MNB (so the harddisk)
agree.. take out the dvd drive and swap the IDE cable with the HDD.
Hehe thx for all responses ...

I'm here to say i gave up ...
It was to hard and the person i bought the computer from said that i needed support for big hard drives(500 mb) only SP2 supports that so i was obligated to work with slipstreamed version of XP.
This was not the way i intended to use but unfortunately the only solution.
In this case my original Win XP CD is worth nothing anymore.

I'm just buying Vista Premium as soon as it's launched.

Thx for the effort guys.
I agree with Liquidlen. I believe it loops arround a reboot because it needs to see a drive. This happened to me once in another machine that might be simular. Also check your bios for SATA and IDE options so that it sees the first drive and the CDrom you have hooked up.


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For any future efforts, goto to the Asus site and they have ALL the stuff you need including a manual for that mobo.

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