Win XP does not detect my modem

By garvary
Mar 21, 2002
  1. I have just installed WinXP Pro and find it great- except for what it does to my modem.

    Firstly, when I did the hardwre check I discovered my internal software modem was not supported. So be it I thought, I'll just buy an XP compatable external modem.

    I now have an AOpen external fax modem recognised by XP as Lucent Venus PnP and thought everything was fine after it automatically installed itself and was working perfectly. I am using that connection now.

    How wrong I could be..... everytime I power down the system, the subsequent session shows no modem, and PnP does not come up with "new hardware detected" message as 98SE used to.

    I can re-establish if I go to "add new hardware", then XP finds and re-installs.

    Can anyone help me stabilise this, what am I doing wrong.

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    Assuming that your modem is switched OFF when you power up your PC, there are not many ways you can let Windows "find" your modem again. It's really irritating for sure, I've been using a 3Com 56k PnP until yesterday ;) However, hopefully the article below will help you:

    Although it's for Win2k, I think it applies to WinXP as well.
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    If the driver situation is sorted out, & the PnP feature of the modem is not faulty, then assign an irq for that modem. When \/\/indoZe starts, it reconfigures the IRQs under PnP. IRQs gets reassigned & the modem ends up sharing IRQs with other devices.
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