Win XP does not load on my Toshiba Satellite

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Nov 26, 2006
  1. Hello everyone,

    This is the second time I'm experiencing this issue with my 9 month old laptop. Last time I was able to clean format (and lose all my data), but this time I cannot do that because I need my data for college project due tuesday! yay. I was told that this particular model is known for these kind of issues, but I am not sure and I need your help.

    Win XP SP2
    Satellite M70-CL1
    AVG Anti-virus, updated and scanned regularly

    Of course, everything runs normal the day before. Next reboot, windows loads but touchpad and keyboard do not work at all, external mouse does. Figuring out that a reboot should fix this, I do another one, but this time, windows get stuck on the logo page, never getting past that...

    I tried:
    -Running 'safe mode', but it never gets past dozen of text lines it spews out
    -Running 'last known good configuration', same thing, gets stuck, on win logo
    -Changed boot-up sequence, selected CDROM. Ran 'repair windows' under Win Xp installation CD. I am able to logon and see my files (and yes, the keyboard works!), of course only under command-line interface. But what use is this to me? I cannot copy them, move them anywhere safe, like a CD-R.

    Does anyone know if this problem has any solutions?
    At best, how can I move my files to a safer place? I can proceed with clean install and bitching to Toshiba after that.. :$

    Any comments are appreciated.

  2. tipstir

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    You can save the data, but you need to get a 2.5 IDE kit to 3.5 IDE and backup what you need to a USB jump drive. This is easy to do but requires a friends desktop PC.

    You say

    Safe Mode
    Last Good

    If these don't work the OS is corrupted or missing key *.dll *.sys files. OS will have to be re-built again.

    One more thing you could when you go into safe mode just go into safe mode without anything else. If you can get into safe mode and use the administrator as a login then you could remove the profile your using and have Windows re-build a new for you.

    Of course you'll loose


    but not program data or loaded apps.
  3. Sharkfood

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    Is Safe Mode boot stopping on "mup.sys" ?

    I'd inspect your installation media. Is it XP SP2? If not, you may wish to google "Windows XP Slipstream" and read the various articles on how to slipstream installation media up to SP2.

    You may need to do this in order to get a re-install to work reliably. I've ran into many problems with these Toshiba laptops and you need to disable ALL The power management stuff in the BIOS and some other tweaks, plus use a fully slipstreamed XP media. You can still use your existing COA/Product Key but might have to call MS to activate after re-install.

    If you have crucial files you need, you may wish to invest in a mem stick/usb drive (one that is USB 1.1/1.0 compat). This may be plausible in your hacked-boot/command prompt.

    You'll need a second PC with a cd-burner plus cd-burner software in order to make a slipstreamed CD. You should also perform a complete install (as in wipe out the partitions and re-create/re-format NTFS).
  4. kebbs

    kebbs TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yes precisely, it stops on mup.sys! I have SP2. What does that mean?

    I will go now and read about Windows XP Slipstream and the rest you mentioned...

  5. kebbs

    kebbs TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well, here is what I have done so far:

    -I reformatted the partition and reinstalled XP.
    -Even after that, I cannot get my touchpad to work and keyboard is intermittent (Exact symptoms that caused the first crash)
    -After doing some research, it appears that faulty RAM can cause such issues, especially with Toshiba Satellites.
    -I am going to contact Toshiba and take it from there.

    Many thanks to all that helped! I will be back as this forum turned out to be quite resourceful.

    Cheers, kebbs
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