Win XP E-machine crash....Please HELP

By The_Guy ยท 4 replies
Mar 7, 2005
  1. Hey, I've got a 2 yr old emachine....power went off recently and now it will not boot goes to a screen asking me if I want to go into safe mode or last working configuration....etc----No matter what I choose it freezes...I have tried reinstalling windows---it freezes at the first blue screen after loading all the files----It says now starting windows and will not go any further--- took the hard drive out and reformatted---same thing------I took the hard-drive to another computer and loaded XP on it and works fine----It won't work in the emachine---reformatted again---same problem when I try to reinstall on the Emachine, it freezes on the blue screen when it says starting windows-----I thought it may be the BIOS so I reset it to fail-safe defualts----I even replaced the battery----I also tried two different XP disks----I even bought and replaced the ram because I thought it may have been damaged---Tried different drive cables----I am all out of ideas, other than a bad motherboard--any ideas??? PLEASE HELP
  2. The_Guy

    The_Guy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    C'mon Guys!!! I know someone has to have a suggestion here!!!!! I really need to get this fixed...
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    Emachines are notorious for poor quality, weak powersupplies. Borrow a more powerful one if you can.
  4. The_Guy

    The_Guy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hmmmm.......haven't tried the power supply.....makes sense though---I will try that this evening----Any more suggestions????
  5. roco1331

    roco1331 TS Rookie

    eMachine Starting Windows 98 screen freeze

    This is for "The_Guy". Well, actually, it's for anyone with help with this problem. I have an older eMachine 333 eTower. I reformatted the hard drive, installed Windows 98, all the drivers, and all the programs I usually use on a standard system. When it tries to startup, it freezes at the "Starting Windows..." blue cloud screen. I've also tried all the tricks to try and fix it, without any success.
    How about you, "The_Guy"? Have you had any luck with yours?
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