Win XP Error Codes

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Apr 13, 2002
  1. WinXP error codes

    I am having trouble setting up my scanner in WinXP home edition. I keep getting an error message when I try to run the scanner. It says: Other Error, and gives a code for the error(0x10ff0800). How do I find out just what the heck this code stands for, and what the problem is?
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    After you get the message look at the clock. Open up your computer management control panel. Select event viewer. Then most likely your error will either be a system or and application. Look at the time on the latest error, find the one that matches. Double click it. Read the message and it should have a link for further assistance - now I've only had 1 instance where there was enough information in that message to search the knowledge database microsoft has. I have never gotten the link that M$ actually gives you in the discription to come up with anything. It always says something to the effect of "no further information avaiable".
  3. Goofy Newfie

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    no luck...

    You're right joy here. Not enuff info for Gates & Co. to help me. I just upgraded my system to a Celeron 1.0GHZ, and I am wondering if this combined with WinXP Home is creating a compatibility conflict with my parallel scanner? Time for a USB scanner maybe?

    Anyway, thanks for the input.
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    You don't need to be able to read some hexadecimal error code to employ a bit of common sense....

    Have you tried to download newer drivers for the device? Are you running any other programs at the same time? Have to tried upgrading the software you are using with the scanner, etc?
  5. SNGX1275

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    Well that is right unless he started with that OS without an upgrade and is getting the errors...
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Disable "Plug and Play OS" in BIOS.
    I'd also check from NT Compatible if the scanner is supported in XP.
  7. Goofy Newfie

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    I have tried reinstaling the drivers with no luck. I have also looked for updated drivers at and with no success. I just don't think that this scanner is compatible. Thanks for the advice. I will give the BIOS thing a go just to be sure.
  8. Goofy Newfie

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    Plug & play BIOS

    Where do I find the OS Plug & Play option in BIOS? I couldn't find it.
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    I read an article in Maximum PC that said there are some scanners and printers that wont work with XP because the manufacturers wont release updated drivers.
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    Re: Plug & play BIOS

    It's usually either in "Advanced" settings or "PnP/PCI Configuration" settings. If there's no such a thing, bad luck. :(
  11. Goofy Newfie

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    While my BIOS settings don't include the Disable OS Plug & Play feature, I finally got the WinXP drivers from Canon for my scanner. They just added them to their site for my scanner. Thanks for all of your input. I love this place!
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    Thanks for the info Goofie but you should have posted it under your original question not a new thread. Glad to hear you got it worked out !
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    Re: Success!

    You must be so excited that you forgot to post under your original thread and instead posted a new one. That's confusing since the casually browsing 3DS member might not have a clue what you are talking about. I almost didn't.

    Never mind, I have merged the two together.

    In the nicest possible way I would ask that try don't do that again because its confusing and annoying.
  14. Goofy Newfie

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    Yeah, I didn't realize that I clicked on new thread instead of reply. I'm just glad I don't have to scrap a new scanner. Thanks again.
  15. T-Shirt

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    That's close.
    XP requires "signed" drivers, sometimes the old drivers would work fine, but to get them signed you must submit them to MS (with a large fee) for certification, wait 30 days, and see if the are approved, if not make changes, resubmit (with another large fee) wait another 30days......and so on.
    Many companies, decided not to spend the time and money on existing products, and insead work on new products and drivers based on the MS universal driver model. And the consumer?, why the can just bend over and buy new stuff!!:mad: :eek: :blush: :dead:
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    I found this solution at a Canon site from Australia. It worked perfect for me on XP. One item was different on my system BIOS then mentioned below under "Other PC Systems". In the BIOS Setup under the Advanced tab the Parallel Port Settings were under the heading I/O Device Configuration.
    CanoScan N640P support
    Support & Service

    Scanner error message - Other error 0x10ff0800 appears
    Error message 0x10ff0800 appears when attempting to operate the scanner

    off, ff, 10ff, 0ff, other, error

    This solution applies to Parallel Port type scanners only (model names ending with "P")

    The PARALLEL PORT on the PC must be changed to EPP mode.

    Solution for Compaq Presario 7400/7500
    · Power on or restart computer
    · Hit the "F10" every second until you see a message saying: "ENTERING BIOS SETUP"
    · Hit ENTER on the ENGLISH option
    · Move using the arrow keys to the heading "ADVANCED"
    · Move down to "DEVICE OPTIONS"
    · Now down to "PARALLEL PORT MODE"
    · You change the port mode by using the LEFT or RIGHT arrow keys to change (From ECP to EPP only).
    · When you have set the port to the desired mode hit the "F10" key to accept
    · Navigate back to the "MAIN" heading
    · Highlight the option: "SAVE CHANGES AND EXIT?? hit ENTER and then "F10" to accept
    · The PC will now re-boot

    Solution for > > > "other PC" Systems.
    · Power on or restart computer
    · Press your DELETE or F1/F8 key to enter BIOS / CMOS setup (if in doubt please ask your PC supplier how to access the CMOS/BIOS settings and change the Parallel Port settings from ECP to EPP).
    · Select "INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS "and enter
    · Scroll down to onboard parallel port mode then using the PAGE UP & PAGE DOWN key change the port setting from ECP to EPP ONLY then press your ESC KEY which will take you back to the main screen
    · Select "SAVE SETTINGS and EXIT" setup and ENTER
    · Select Y and ENTER to save settings to CMOS
    · Your system will now restart and go back to windows

  17. Goofy Newfie

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    Re: CanoScan

    That's exactly what I had to do to fix the problem long term.
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