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Nov 27, 2006
  1. I have a small home network running Windows XP Pro. I have no problem sharing printers, but can't seem to share files, even though I have file sharing on. When I click on a resourse on another computer in Windows Explorer, it pops up a window asking for a user name and password. I type in the info as if I was logging on to that computer locally, and it says I don't have proper permissions. I have administrator permissions on both machines, and file sharing on both machines, and I can share printers. I don't understand this.
  2. sghiznaneck

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    Try right clicking on the files you want to share, scroll down to sharing and security and try setting them for network share that way instead of through the setting up a network option.
  3. dean810

    dean810 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have tried different ways of enabling sharing, but have the same problem. I think I might have confused the system somehow, but not sure in which way. It's just interesting that printing works, but file sharing is restricted.
  4. lemri

    lemri TS Rookie

    Have you checked to make sure your NTFS permissions allow the other user/computer to have access to your file?
  5. dean810

    dean810 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I haven't yet seen how the permissions I have set would prevent me from accessing files from another computer on the system. On one computer, I can see the folders in Windows Explorer, but can't access them.
  6. Ph30nIX

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    I have had many problems sharing files acroos a winXP network where printer can be shared, but files cannot. There involved using a crossover cable, a switch and also an adsl modem router. The most often occuring problem was that no computers could seem to access my computers shares (others could access each other) after having used it as a DHCP server for my internet from a USB modem. I have solved this by formatting my computers, there is also a comprehensive guide on TomsHardware which will go through just about everything, and says, if none of these work, just format.

    It was most worthwhile in my case.

  7. dean810

    dean810 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. I will check this out, although I am not using a crossover cable. Formatting might be the ultimate solution, that seems to solve most problems, but it would be nice to have to do that.
  8. Tmagic650

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    I use a simple 4-port router to link 4 wired computers to a single broadband cable Internet. All 4 of these computers share files and a single printer attached to my XP system through USB. It doesn't matter if the other computers are XP. I can use Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, or Windows Me systems. Most people make the mistake of not enabling Printer and File Sharing when running the Network Setup Wizard. Also in XP, when you add a printer you have to enable printer sharing separately. It's as simple as putting a check mark in a little box
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