win xp setup cannot find my new hdd...

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Apr 18, 2007
  1. i hav a problem when i try to setup new winxp into my new ide hardisk drive (2 days ago), the setup tell that it didn't found any hardisk drive in that pc... i had change ide cable, the result still the same... when i try with old hdd, it just find that hdd, with no problem... i had change the jumper too, but nothing change... should i change the hdd? hope all of u can help me... :D
  2. raybay

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    Perhaps it is merely a jumper setting? If this is a single drive, it must be set to CS for cable select, or (my preference) jumpered to be Master. The jumper settings are posted on a diagram on the disc. The jumper may be different if there is only one drive, from when there are two drives.
    New drives, particularly OEM drives that arrived without a box, but merely enclosed in plastic, require setup software you can download from the drive manufacturers site. This is a very common problem with new drives. They require a "low level" format from the install software. If your drive arrived with that setup disc, that disc should have correct the issue. Otherwise, try the download.
    Also, new drives are sometimes damaged by impact in shipment, and there is no way to know whether there is damage except through the frustration you are feeling.
    Alternately, I would test the drive in another computer if you have one available.
    Good luck. Please let us know what happened.
  3. tx_2642

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    bout jumper setting, at 1st it was set to master... then i try set to CS... but still the same... cannot find my hdd...
    my new hdd is oem... come with no box... no disc... so how can i find the setup disc...? my new hdd is seagate 80gb...
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    Check the BIOS, usually by pressing F1 or F2. See if the drive is recognized or maybe shows the wrong capacity. If it is not seen by the BIOS you may have a defective drive. Like 'raybay' said, they arrive defective sometimes. If the wrong capacity is shown, your BIOS may not be able to handle large capacity HDDs.

    If your BIOS does not handle large capacity drives, the easiest way to fix that is to install an Ultra ATA Adapter Card.

    You can get HDD setup utilities from the manufacturer. Go to their web site, and find under support or downloads.
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    bios is a good idea. if you dont see the hdd there it is probably broken. can you hear it spin? Also make sure that the IDE cable that you are using is not damaged and that you are plugging it into a right slot. Also try to put in the older hdd (that you mentioned), install win xp and try to get the new one to work as a slave. It might be as simple as installing the driver as raybay has mentioned. If you can not do that it is most likely broken. Let us know it if works...
  6. tx_2642

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    thnx all of you...
    now i comfirm that hdd was broken... when i try to install win xp at another pc... the setup cannot access it... and that hdd make some wierd sound when its spinning... but not so loud... ok... thnx again...! :D
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