Win2000 missing file;no OS, how to start file checker???

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May 2, 2006
  1. My friend has Windows 2000 pro and yesterday while trying to boot-up, he got an error message saying a file was missing and he could not get past that, not even using safe-mode. I am not sure of the file, but what should he do: use filer checker or reinstall Win2000? How can either be done if he can't even get the system to load?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. connerwayne

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    can he get to a command prompt? The easiest route may be to do a repair installation.

  3. ferrante

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    He cannot get a command prompt. He got this:

    When he tries to boot up, he gets this:

    Windows 2000 could not start because of the following files are missing or corrupt: windows2000root/system32/ntoskrnl.exe. (Then it says to please reinstall file. He cannot get past that when trying to boot normally, but when pressing F9 or F* or whatever at the strart, he can get into those areas, but I am not sure where to go or what to do. Any ideas?
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Doing a Windows repair, as per this thread HERE may help.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  5. connerwayne

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    Google is a beutifull thing

    If you have a problem with your NT system, for example a crucial file is
    missing or corrupt, Repair process can repair NT installations. Repair
    process use an emergency repair disk (ERD), but if you don't have an ERD,
    don't panic: Repair process can use the \repair folder also to repair such a

    Repair process scans the disks, finds the NT installations and
    locate the \repair folder under the \%systemroot%\ folder. But how does
    Repair process determines that a folder includes an NT installation? NT can
    be installed to any folder. Repair process tries to locate the microkernel
    file, ntoskrnl.exe, under the folders, and if it finds one, it determines
    the location of the NT installation. What if the missing file is this file?
    Then, Repair process can not find an installation.

    But there is a solution in this case if your boot partition has the FAT file system. Simply boot the system from a DOS or Win9x system disk, change to the NT folder and then
    to the system32 folder and create an ordinary file with a ntoskrnl.exe name.
    Then repeat the repair process. This time Repair process can locate the
    ntoskrnl.exe, checks it and determines that it is corrupt and replaces it
    together with the other missing or corrupt files. If your file system is
    NTFS you can't use this procedure: a DOS or Win9x system disk can not read
    NTFS partitions. That's why it is a good practice to use FAT system in
    system and boot partitions in NT.

    In Win2K, Windows File Protection (WFP) monitors the ntoskrnl.exe and the
    other crucial files and if it finds them missing or corrupt it replaces them
    from the file cache in real time avoiding a repair process. And Recovery
    Console in Win2K gives the reading and writing capability from a command
    prompt even on the NTFS partitions.

    (taken from
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