Win2000 reboots when not being used

By Godschild
Nov 9, 2005
  1. This computer reboots when left alone for 60-80 minutes. If you are using it steadily it does not reboot. If you walk away from it for 60-80 minutes it reboots. We have read the post about Minidumps and have followed the ideas posted there, but it still occurs. In the eventlog it said it created a minidump file and so I have attached several of them for your review.

    The ideas I have already tried include eliminating outside power issues as the problem,disabling Norton System Works, reseating memory and all PCI cards, unplugging all unnecesary components (floppy, cd, modem, ethernet). Still occurs.

    The computer is a gateway Proffesional with Pentium 3, 512mb ram

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