Win2000 reinstall

By rfd1129
Oct 30, 2003
  1. I do consulting work for a School District. My main project was to intsall a new fiber core. While there I met some resistance from their so called Technical Administrator ( since then he was demoted to Technician, a job still way beyond his ability). I often end up fixes alot of his travesties. On to my problem, Mr. Technician reinstall Win2000 and all of the data has disappeared. Now I hate to think this ***** didn't wack the drive and then intsall Win2000. But if that is the case does anyone know anything I can do. My expertise is mainly designing and implementing networks. SO if anybody knows anything I might do please respond

  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Is it safe to assume that he has deleted the partition and/or formatted the drive?

    If so, there ARE utilities that can restore data, but your chance of getting back anything worth rescuing is very slim.

    There are a number of software titles that can restore this kind of data loss, my personal favorite being Easy Recovery Professional.
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